AnKing is the most comprehensive deck, which is essentially an update to Zanki with more cards from other resources such as UWorld and Robbin’s pathology. Not sure what the Zanki deck comes from. e’ve sent some of our most experienced USMLE tutors to test out different flashcard sites and provide a complete review of their features. Sometime in February I hit a wall and burnt out and didn't do cards for a few days and let reviews pile up but otherwise I kept up with them. You seemed to master the content before diving into Uworld. Learn how to effectively use For me I actually use BnB/Pathoma/Sketchy as the foundation and then do Zanki after, for me it helps tie it all together and hammer in all the details from those sources. Copyright ©2021 | Elite Medical Prep LLC All Rights Reserved. I just need lots of reinforcement. The product includes over 35 hours of didactic learning – time when you could be completing more practice Remember, we are here to make your preparation journey as seamless as possible! I would use Pathoma, Sketchy, and Boards and Beyond lectures to understand the material, then do the corresponding flashcards. Thank you, congrats on your score as well! *We do recognize and respect that all students are different, and that some students strongly prefer to use Anki cards as a primary resource. In terms of my deck, I combined many decks to fit my specific needs. I then I do not recommend "brute forcing" Zanki. Here’s our review of Zanki. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschoolanki community, Press J to jump to the feed. In this case, it may be in your interest to create your own deck. Updating from Cheesy Dorian, Dorian or Zanki Step 2 video. Watch Sketchy Path and do the SALT Deck: I really really love Sketchy Path because I am a very visual learner. I had a very kind anonymous user send me his/her tags for all of ZankiPharm. Pathoma is a tremendous resource in studying for USMLE Step 1 and preparing for third year clerkships. And thank you to /u/Dope_MS, /u/Lightyear2k, Bros, and the many others who have contributed to this community. But which Step 1 resource yields the best results? Technion American Medical School All Pathoma cards in Zanki are now tagged by video. One of the best decks out there is the Zanki deck created by an anonymous medical student and edited/updated constantly by the Reddit community. That got me a 92 on the pharm shelf and almost all of those drugs have already popped up on my IM rotation. and didn't zanki only use pathoma? Pathology, or the study of diseases, is an important part of that test. Ben Gurion Medical School. How would you recommend doing practice problems with Kaplan and UWORLD while still in class? It’s true, chronic rheumatic disease does lead to thickening of chordae tendineae and cusps, but if this image is placed on a test (which is itself unlikely), you will definitely be given other information to work with. Take a look at the card below, for example: This Zanki card gives you a concise question with a clear answer format. The cards could be more granular; decks tend to be fairly broad. I started the Zanki deck when it originally came out but then took the entire summer off and came back and really buckled down. For example, if you only do it by subject and you're doing endocrine and the question suggests a secretory diarrhea caused by a cancer, you'll think of thyroid cancer. 261! If so, Lightyear’s deck is the most appealing choice. Figure out what helps things stick in your brain and understand them. The AnKing Step 1 Deck This deck is a comprehensive deck for USMLE Step 1. How to use this deck video Updating to new versions: The Special Fields add-on video Updating from Cheesy Dorian, Dorian or Zanki Step 2 video We also have a written version of the steps to update here AnKingMaster Card Type The cards are concise and specific, using retrieval-based learning in small enough doses to stay fast-paced. For example, Zanki is based on FA 2016, Pathoma, and Constanzo Physiology, whereas Lightyear is based on Boards and Beyond. Towards the end of the year, I heard of this “amazing” new deck called “Zanki” which was 26,000+ cards. are all incorporated into Zanki in some way. This will average out to about 1000 card reviews in around 3 hours. This can feel a little stressful if you don’t know how to look for high yield material. Sketch Engine is … Trust in UW, FA, and/or Pathoma. Updating to new versions: The Special Fields add-on video. With that said, I try to use Zanki with First Aid and Pathoma to supplement my lectures. Images from the UltraZanki deck. The more Qbank questions the better because there are only so many ways test writers can ask certain questions. Do not try to watch every Pathoma video. My intention was to make the Pathoma workflow just as easy as the LY workflow with BaB. Here’s our January 2020 overview. In other words, Zanki is best used as a supplement (NOT substitute) to primary study resources such as UWorld, First Aid and Pathoma. 3 Neoplasia deck by video. Woo very nice score my dawg! We’ve updated our Zanki review for 2020! You need to get moving!***. ***If you are under 6 weeks from your Step 1 test date and are only now are weighing your flashcard platform options, we strongly advise you to contact us right away for structured help. The guy scored 267 ffs. Pre-dedicated 75% on CBSSA given by school. It is smaller and more manageable than Zanki, still comprehensive and better curated. It contains about 2000 cards, but only covers content from Dr. Husain Sattar’s video lecture series Pathoma. For Pharm I really like Zanki more. Dr. Sattar’s lectures cover all of the high yield pathology points. I retagged many of Pathoma cards in Zanki by video. Our Final Recommendations for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 studies with Pathoma Use Pathoma as an appetizer or a nightcap to your studying, not as the main course. Okay just to be clear, I'm just the crappy illustrator. I was a little late to the Zanki game, but have been loving it so far. Biggest thing that helped me get through this and score so high was the amazing decks put out by Zanki, /u/bluegalaxies, /u/lolnotacop, /u/dorian222, Pepper, and all the users who put together the SALT deck. When you get the answer, you’re shown the transporter type as well as a diagram that can cement where that transporter falls in the big picture of duodenal absorption. Start by using the outside resources zanki uses on the current block that you are on. For my opinion on Sketchy Pharm and Path, scroll all the way to the end! In total I did approximately 28,000 flashcards. Watch out for errors! Also, you said you didn't start using sketchy path until 2nd half of M2. We are medical students making videos and tutorials on how to use Anki so that your premed, medical or other education is easier and fun! Stick to a deck - it doesn't matter which one. AnKing is the most comprehensive deck, which is So, proceed with caution when choosing how many new cards to do a day. I found this subreddit last April/May when Zanki first posted his deck. After her Step 2, she approached me and asked if she could share her experiences. Anatomy was a small part of it - I think I had around 10 questions. This video explains which Zanki decks correspond to which block at the University of Utah IMPORTANT: This deck contains copyrighted material. Virtually every medical student uses the same resources (UWorld, First Aid, Pathoma, etc.). Today, in this article, you will be able to download Over some breaks I finished Kaplan Biochem and did those cards. The Brosencephalon deck is a well-made, time-tested and highly adaptable deck which is great for reinforcing concepts learned through First Aid, Pathoma, Sketchy and more. Question is directed towards those who use the deck. I had a 31 on MCAT. I also did the SketchyMedical series and 70+ UWorld questions per day. I reviewed Biochem using Kaplan's Biochem videos (which is what Zanki is based on)., is a wonderfully thorough resource that sums most of the content from, decks released in 2017 based off the original 2014. decks. Biochemistry splits into Metabolism; Molecular, Cellular, Genetics; and Vitamins. They are under a “#Pathoma” tag. The best piece of advice that I believe the noobs should take away from this post is to stick with a deck and do all reviews every day. And, now we’ve sent them again to see if their rankings still stand! Toward the end of the year I had 1200 reviews a day so that was a bit rough but I got through them using the timer addon - you can find it somewhere. How to use this deck video. I did not take days off for the most part. So, this means you can quiz generally, Zanki has effective efficient images pulled from first aid. Most important: 1. The cards are concise and specific, using retrieval-based learning in small enough doses to stay fast-paced. Click the links above to see the exact resources the deck creators used in making the decks. Around the second year of medical school in the United States, students prepare to take the Step 1 exam. This integration allows users to take full advantage of the Sketchy resource without spending a huge amount of time taking their own cards. She shows that while the right resources are important, knowing how to use them is critical. Why did you do Pepper Micro along with Lolnotacop's fungi and parasites and also torky's micro? First Downside: The topics of the Zanki decks are relatively broad. If you are the type of person that won’t be able to keep up with your cards, another resource is your best bet. But, does quantity mean quality? Your Quick Guide on How to use Pathoma wisely for the USMLE Step 1: 1. Was it worth it to do so much and was it redundant? 2 years ago. I used CramFighter. “Memorize a gazillion facts, and you’ll do great on Step 1!” However, there are many hidden costs (and questionable assumptions) underlying […] Created by /u/ZankiStep1 and is based primarily on First Aid 2016 and 2017 editions as well as Pathoma and Costanzo. To open the Zanki decks, make sure you have downloaded the files for Physiology + Pathology, and Pharmacology first before anything else. It’s essentially a series of clear Anki decks released in 2017 based off the original 2014 Brosencephalon decks. Trust in UW, FA, and/or Pathoma. One of the best decks out there is the Zanki deck created by an anonymous medical student and edited/updated constantly by the Reddit community. Many of us wish we did better. If you find yourself to go more slowly, then think about using a combination of Physeo, Duke’s Pathoma, and Pepper’s pharmacology and microbiology decks. Here’s our January 2020 overview. Feel free to ask questions. Here is an example of the layout of pre- divided decks: Second Downside: Not all information is directly USMLE Step 1-relevant. But that forces you to answer cards within like 10 seconds. Definitely second the Qbank use. Also, you're one of the few (only one I've read so far here) that's actually incorporated school lectures in your study plan, at least in the first half. Figure out what helps things stick in your brain and understand them. If you hate reading the text, then you can still learn the material by using Anki. How many new cards did you do a day? What more could you ask for? Some organizations have kept up with the times with new and awesome updates and features– others not so much. She used the Decks (Step 1, Step 2, and Pharmacology) to build up her knowledge base. It really paid off on test day. It added quite a bit actually in a very small deck (~250 cards). I don’t know which one came first, but those seem to be vastly different approaches. I'd stick with lolnotacop's deck now cuz its very comprehensive. Today we are reviewing Zanki, a flashcard deck resource with more than 20,000 cards. Like other publicly available pre-made flashcard decks, the Zanki deck is best used as an adjunctive study tool. But you should definitely be doing it random toward the end to get you into the actual mindset of how to come up with a broader differential. Watch Sketchy Pharm/Micro, do those cards from Zanki/Torky/Pepper. Pepper Pharm and Pepper Micro. I think it's pretty unrealistic to be able to get through the entire Zanki deck + Zanki Pharm by May of next year. Not trying to brag but just wanted to give my two cents to those who are wondering if they should use it or not”. You know that you’re trying to remember which transporter brings Fe. If you have further questions about our professional experience with Zanki as a USMLE study tool, you can send us an email at A trend in med school is using pre-made Anki decks with 20,000+ cards that promise to cover “everything” on Step 1. Not sure what the Zanki … How to Study Pathoma. V2. Pick and couple and really know them well. 2. Zanki BG deck which is based on the original Zanki deck. Biochemistry splits into Metabolism; Molecular, Cellular, Genetics; and Vitamins. We’ve updated our Zanki review for 2020! This original post is aimed for those who have downloaded the Zanki Step 1 Deck 2020 but needed instructions as to what the Zanki Deck includes and how to use it. When Pepper came out I used his deck. I was wondering about the Sketchy Path use/SALT deck. So if you're doing mixed you have to think more and the real test is mixed. Zanki pharm has lots of monoclonal antibodies, proteasome inhibitors, HDAC inhibitors, etc. For Brosencephalon, Zanki, or Anki users: spaced repetition is only efficient and effective if you stay up to date with your cards. you won’t need to learn any new software interfaces. I recommend using the Zanki Neoplasia deck first and supplementing with the Zanki has all the pathoma chapters Reactions: 1 user Reply About the Ads bonemann 2+ Year Member Dec 9, 2017 69 120 Jan 9, 2018 #4 Thanks for the responses, guys. I recommend using the Zanki Neoplasia deck first and supplementing with the lolnotacop Ch. The recent release date (2017) means errata are not well developed. The USMLE Step 1 board exam is arguably the most important test you will ever take. I used doctors in training and finished that course in 2.5 weeks. If you’ve begun studying for USMLE Step 1 (or read our other posts in this review series), chances are you already know the importance of flashcards. Since we first posted this review in 2018, flashcard resources have grown more an more unequal. Here’s what’s in the deck: Ultra Zanki Deck First Aid Pathoma UWorld Lolnotacop Deck Due to I spent about 3-4 hours a day on Zanki on average. You will learn how to use it and fine tune after using this as your main source of studying for class. But if you love learning visually, Sketchy Path really helps UWorld topics stick. I'll do my best to answer them! And how did you revise old topics such as biochem from M1. Thanks for taking the time to do a write up. You may recall back to the good old (not really) step 1 study days, where you seemed to have an endless amount of choices. A few people have reached out to me after I responded to an earlier thread about having a version of Zanki with the Pathoma tagged by video and therefore structured like LY's deck for BaB. I didn't use Bro's deck first year and in retrospect it was mainly based on FA and Pathoma so it was M2 heavy anyways. One thing that's been in the gray area is when to start Uworld as an M2. The Anking Step 1 Deck! In a prior blog post we wrote “Use Pathoma as an appetizer or a nightcap to your studying, not as the main course. So lolnotacop's deck only came out like a month ago and Pepper came out a few months into my deck use. . Pathoma can, however, be watched on a web browser on mobile devices, although depending on the device, quality may suffer compared to a regular laptop or desktop. also if you want to go fast on pathoma pepper pathoma is 1,600 cards. This deck has detailed cards from all of First Aid plus Pathoma, BRS Physio , Sketchy Medical , and Kaplan Lecture Notes . In total I did approximately 28,000 flashcards. This will be great when you’re reviewing at the end of a block, but if you’re only halfway through cellular biochem you’re sure to get a number of cards that reference material you haven’t learned yet. Our Final Recommendations for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 studies with Pathoma. So, due to popular demand, I will share the link to my Step 1 Master Deck in this post for anyone who would like to use it to study. We’ll let you know. Pathoma 6.6 96.2 Sketchy Micro 6.6 94.3 First Aid 6.3 98.1 Sketchy Pharm 6.3 83.0 NBME CBSSAs 6.1 98.1 ... Zanki, etc.) I scored right around my average. And then during dedicated I realized I needed a lot more knowledge on Parasites and Fungi so I just pulled those sections from Lolnotacop. For physio you can either read FA, Costanzo, or watch B&B. I also read Pathologic Basis of Disease for most units (yes, the big one), and completed the Robbins Review of Pathology questions (my school included questions from the book on our exams). Watch Sketchy Pharm/Micro, do those cards from Zanki/Torky/Pepper. For me it was UWorld, FA (absorbed with the help of B&B, Sketchy, Zanki, Torky, and a dash of Pepper), and Pathoma aka UFAP. Path Of Exile Guide: There's No Perfect Build, But These Builds May Help You To Some Extent. • Zanki Step 1 deck. Very happy with my score. Credit for the solid content goes to Duke. Many additions from us and many others! Earlier today, the Invitational Conference on USMLE Scoring (InCUS) announced that the USMLE Step 1 is set to become pass/fail beginning January 1st, 2022. : Pathoma before learning each unit, and Goljan while walking to class (neither during dedicated). When you get the answer, you’re shown the transporter type as well as a diagram that can cement where that transporter falls in the big picture of duodenal absorption. But carcinoid and VIPomas also do that. I'm also finding that on my rounds so far on IM I am able to answer a lot of stuff I'm pimped on because I keep remembering stuff from Sketchy (Pharm, Path, and Micro). Pathoma is a It is more efficient to learn the material first and then use … If you find this pace to be manageable, you should think of using Zanki, Lightyear, or Dope’s deck. So what is Sketchy Micro? I think I would recommend starting it before dedicated. 3 Neoplasia deck by video. There are two small ones downsides. There are just too many cards (20,000+) to get through in a single dedicated test prep time frame (

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