Hydrocal is 95% Plaster of Paris and 5% Crystalline Silica. Get free shipping on qualified Plaster products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today. It is hard to believe they would let WS rebrand one of their art plasters as Hydocal. Home Depot and Lowe's typically don't carry Hydrocal. how delicate then must skin be — Corinne Chase. It was fine, hard and durable. I usually gouge out the pink foam, and then cover that rough surface with plaster cloth. Shelf life is 6 months according to US Gypsum. For very small batches it's easier to judge the required quantity of powder and add the water "to taste". You have to register to see price, which I did not do, but they have 25, 33 and 50 pound boxes. For general wall and ceiling repair. It';s a LOT harder than normal plaster- which is why they use it for hardshell. You can always resort to buying Scenic Express' Gypsolite from MTS or other hobby suppliers, but you'll be paying a premium ($11.98 for a one-gallon bottle from MTS vs. $11.30 for a 50-pound bag from Home Depot). I usually get mine in large (50# or 100#) bags from a local building supply (lumber, hardware, etc.) Over the years I've used over 1500# of Hydrocal, and let's not forget Dental Stone,the real deal for casting rock molds.I've always bought these items in 80-90 pound bags. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified crystalline silica as a human carcinogen. Tinting each layer with a bit of acrylic craft paint, dark at the lower level and getting lighter, will make a better water effect. "Hydrocal"is a brand name of a plaster made by U.S.Gypsum (supplier). It has nothing to do with the chemical reaction. Most of the aggregate used in my applications was comparatively fine, and could be mechanically mixed before truck roll; as some of the constituents of 'reinforcement' need to be wetted too for proper internal adhesion, early assured mixing to spec would be preferable to introducing water to powder in my opinion for this specific type of application. MR subscribers, check out the new All-Time Digital Archives. Registered User. Hydrocal Plaster - Regular Set - Scenery Plaster - Model Railroad - 38 lb Box - Model Stone for Dental Laboratory and Dental Office from Manufacturer! You add hydrocal to the water. https://www.usg.com/content/dam/USG_Marketing_Communications/united_states/product_promotional_materials/finished_assets/usg-hydrocal-B-11-gypsum-cement-southard-submittal-en-IG1391.pdf. Exothermic reaction when  water is added. Mel My Model Railroad   http://melvineperry.blogspot.com/ Bakersfield, California I'm beginning to realize that aging is not for wimps. Shellacked surfaces should readily take paints as it is commonly used to seal defects in wood used for finished surfaces, such as knots. Take a look on US Gypsum's website. I am having difficulty finding Hydrocal in bulk (ie. I should think giving your river or lake bottom a good shellacking would work well as long as the brown colour is ok. The Action Road  - Focus 1977-1983. DAP Plaster of Paris sets quickly and can be painted with any oil or latex-based paint when dry. In a pinch you should be able to use Hydrocal that hasn't wholly slaked by adding a small amount of calcium oxide silicate mortar (no more than a couple percent by weight thoroughly mixed). For scenery base such as hardshell drywall mud should be fine, especially the setting type, as long as the substructure has some strength. 3. If you are wondering if the batch is setting up - its not. Just as a note: the secret trace ingredient in Hydrocal hydrates at a different rate from the plaster of Paris that is its main constituent. That's a surprise, but who wants to work with 140 degree plaster? Hoedepot and lowes do carry the stuff. Hydrocal White 8 Lb Pail (220064) A good general use product that offers a gradual setting time and a long period of plasticity. You have either a grossly out whack proportions to the mix  (rare) or a batch of plaster that has absorbed water while sitting and has gone bad. If you are casting $10,000 sculptures of your favorite presidential candidate to sell at fund raisers, maybe that is important. amykins3. I have seen some cement plants where aggregate and cement are mixed before being added to the truck drum. Most likely the plaster is bad. Hydrocal is far stronger than we need so as long as the stuff you mix works  then fine. USG Hydrocal® Brand White Gypsum Cement is a good multi-purpose product for people looking to upgrade from a standard plaster product to one that has a higher degree of hardness and impact resistance. I think some moisture got in. Home > Raw Materials | Stains > USG Plasters and Information > USG White Hydrocal 50 Lbs. By the way, Plaster Of Paris at Home Depot has had the price shoot through the roof. Isn't plaster of paris hard enough? Since it should be dry by now, is it likely the Hydrocal is no longer usable? DAP Plaster of Paris may be used to fill holes in interior plaster walls and ceilings. Soooooo......take that for what it's worth. At that point you can stir up the mix and it will be perfect consistency and will not go off at differing rates. Possibly the water content you chose to use was too little: https://www.usg.com/content/dam/USG_Marketing_Communications/united_states/product_promotional_materials/finished_assets/plaster-mixing-procedures-application-en-IG503.pdf, Hydrocal a specially formulated plaster product. Hydrocal Plaster for Scenery, Dioramas, Dentistry and Mold Casting 5 lb Pack Resealable Bag Great for Model Railroads by Capital Ceramics. I have used 10 year old stuff with no problems. You should be able to clean the plaster off of the roadbed with some water and elbow grease. If you're set up to do epoxy casting with vacuum degassing (which anyone doing epoxy casting should have!) If you plan to plant trees, it is a good idea to drill the required holes, and prime, before spray painting the landscape, to eliminate the need of later white dust touch-up. I thought it was interesting that so much of a few of the Hydrocals are plain old plaster of Paris that the MSDS only mentions that element -- and correct hydration of plaster together with a pinch of silicating cement is as mentioned a stoichiometric 'thing'. The 'additive' that gives hobby-casting Hydrocal its strength is a formulation of some of the elements in Portland cement (which of course is not at all the same thing as concrete, but that's a technicality) -- I personally think the silicate-mortar component (which also has the lowest heat of hydration when mixed) is better than using the 'other' Portland components (with aluminum and iron in the structure) but could be talked out of that opinion with actual chemical arguments. I think I've used white glue to help seal it, too. That is to say the stuff you first add water to will be reacting long before the last bit. FWIW, I have found W/S hydrocal to be hit 'n miss. Bag : USG White Hydrocal 50 Lbs. Depends what was in the "patching plaster". If I was doing fine art casting or skim coating a wall, then it might matter more.... 1. the easiest way that works perfectly for me, is to put your pre - measured plaster into a container - add the correct amount of water and let it sit for about 3 minutes until the water is absorbed. He used shellac. Ideal … I can find plaster of paris at home depot and Michaels. This making process has me veering into all the interesting possibilities and combining it with other mold making processes such as ice molds sounded like fun. If I need to toss it, is there a good way to clean it out of the stream bed? Then add your mixed hydracal to the stream bed. In the 80's I was able to source a big 80# ? It eventually turned into a solid block of plaster.I looked at a dental supply website. If they sell bags of stucco, that's the right place. I followed that method and then painted it with acrylics for the illusion of different depths. Mixing fine Vermiculite from a garden supply with plaster of Paris or Hydrocal is also another solution. Shop plaster and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com. B. BLVDBUZZARD New Member. Don . Before you try to put your mixed hydrocal down WET the stream bed with water so it is wet. Sets fast in 20-30 minutes without shrinking. Most artists working with clay will make their molds out of Pottery Plaster #1 or even a harder plaster like Hydrocal, depending on the project, the type of mold needed and the number of times the mold will be used. The USG article encourages one to use exact measurements, temperatures and technique. A good selection for decreasing production time on masks. Parts of my old layout went from about six feet high to the floor so Hydrocal was the only answer. It is used as a first coat for drywall. I don’t buy Hobby Hydrocal, too much $$$. It comes with a tried and true substructure already included. This is on extruded foam board. Because of the way a mixing drum on the delivery truck works. Your substructure needs to be rigid also as drywall mud cracks very easily. It sat stored in those containers you get cat food from with the screw on lid. $ 27.50: Add to cart. Multi-purpose Hydrocal® White Gypsum Cement: Is ideal for both solid and hollow casting of … It can be used in a variety of arts and crafts applications such as statuary, figurines and lamps bases. Harold . Its easy-to-mix formula dries to a dense, durable finish that resists paint absorption. Can't ask him now. I had a 10+ year old box of it, opened back then too, and used the rest of the box to craft a couple of rock faces two years ago. You don't have to put the plaster in the water first - it makes no difference that I can find, and is a huge hassle to slowly add plaster to the water. I learned about plaster in the ER. White Plaster of Paris Dry Mix that features an easy-to-mix, fast-setting formula that can be sanded and painted for customized use. Try buying it in 50 lb bags from a building supply house...Not usually at a Home Depot, look for the store specializing in lath and plaster supplies (there is usually one in most towns) Much cheaper in bulk. WHITE HYDROCAL is used for making plaster objects, a neutral gypsum cement having a normal set of 25 … He told me why  but of course I've forgotten. I mix mine by weight using a very precise scale. Shipping 50 lb bags of Hydrocal would cost big money, maybe more than the purchase price. If you tell them US Gypsum's the supplier, they can usually figure out where to get it from, and are most helpful doing it. Find plaster at Lowe's today. Category: … hydrocal Instagram posts (photos and videos) - Picuki.com. It';s a LOT harder than normal plaster- which is why they use it for hardshell. Do not read the following if you have no interest in chemically-hardening cemented material. Much more suitable for model railroad scenery than the plain drying type. This involves experimenting with types of plaster to use - hydrocal or pottery plaster No.1 or paper plaster. amykins3. Then I paint and finally add the Envirotex. That work very well. New Customer? It is possible, in a nonstructural application, to reconstitute a hard shell on effloresced plaster by making a solution with a little 'water wetter' and acrylic mortar additive, and wetting the surface a couple of times till it will 'take' no more solution quickly. Not sure why. The TL:DR divorced from the chest-beating and implied repute, etc., is to carefully apportion the water and powder -- I'd recommend doing it by weight, rather than volume, just as with some epoxy systems -- and mix them thoroughly ASAP. Quick Set Is Unaggregated For Use Over Sanded Basecoats. Lynn Westcott said that it is the plaster that makes alabaster. Were it me facing this issue I'd wash the plaster surface first and let that dry. Worked for British Gypsum for 25 years. I agree with A. Wallace on the superiority of hydrocal if you … But I have not tried this firsthand, so YMMV. It's not like cooking where it doesn't matter (my dad added water to the flour, I add flour to the water, bread comes out exactly the same). Made in The USA. If hydrocal is properly stored you can use it over a long period of time. Hydrocal and dental plaster have a wide range of tolerances but they all go off with some heat and very decisively. I'm going to go out on a limb here … If you use regular drywall mud, it just dries so you only need to mix up the consistency suitable for your application. yard. Login, or register today to interact in our online community, comment on articles, receive our newsletter, I've never bought hobby plaster products, as they're usually over-priced. Creating a new account is quick and easy. FGR95, Hydrocal Plaster $ 2.00. USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement $ 27.50 . This is a good choice for mask latex molds. Plaster takes paint much better than Hydrocal. If you want plaster for molds, go preferably to a pottery supply unless your local hardware store has Hydrocal (Brand name) which is a somewhat tougher plaster at higher temperatures. than with even typical pumped-to-place mixes. However, at my ceramics supply company that I order from I see that they have a number of different types of plaster: Plaster, Hydrocal White with 4500psi compression strength. manage your account online and more! Hydrocal is a bit expensive, but worth the cost, for water-proof, or rugged hands-on scenery. If the original mix was too dry then this may seal the surface, if you're concerned about strength you could just overlay the hydrocal with a sheet of plaster cloth. If you use drywall mud it's best to use thin layers and build them up. Hydrocal is one form of plaster. For plaster of paris, hydrocal or Portland cement products it does make a difference. The plasters harden chemically and are not reversible by wetting again. It should get warm to the touch and set solid as a rock. Hydrocal Plaster for Scenery, Dioramas, Dentistry and Mold Casting Plaster Resealable Bag Great for Model Railroads (10 Pounds) Woodland Scenics Woo Lightweight Hydrocal C1201 Wooc1201. Drywall mud is just mud, no chemistry. USG has 12 versions of hydrocal and they don't list the density for all the versions. Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your recent inquiry with The I recommend buying new plaster at a plaster and lathe supply company. Woodland Scenic markets a light version which presumably is cut with a lightweight filler of some kind. Available online × Sign In. To control setting time, I use baking powder. Product Code: RMWHIHYD50. Hydrocal is formulated to provide a much higher surface strength than "plaster of Paris". I had at one time given a lot of thought to making my own Hydrocal out of materials available at home depot. There is a reason you should add the water to the cement. Thing is, you need to do the calling around yourself in your area and find it in bulk at a local lumberyard/HI/Hardware. Adding a base colour to your plaster or drywall mud is a really good idea. Most people seem to have the tendency to do the opposite. Hydrocal ® FGR-95 Gypsum Cement is specially formulated to set fast, develop high strength, and permit fabrication of strong, resilient glass-reinforced products. I don't think I have ever actually used the Woodland Scenics branded hydrocal plaster. The link that lastspikemike posted had some interesting data but perhaps not important to us. If it doesn't, toss it out and start over. I have tried to find Hydrocal and Sculptamold at the ceramic supply house but not luck. sheet. New . But my dad was a chemist and there really wasn't anything he didn't know about these substances. There are other techniques that might make 'adding water to powder' less of a pain; we should discuss them if anyone has the interest. The other way around and the reaction will proceed backwards. A friend had suggested using WS Flex Paste as a sealant. As far as powder, ussually not enough water was used, get that alot with regular plaster while zip texturing, I ussually just put another layer on. Smooth formula provides great results every time. Setting time become less with higher temps, to a point, then it lengthens. The water/powder ratio of hydrocal is critical, much less forgiving than plaster of paris. The instructions on the USG site give the mixing ratios by weight. Offering twice the compressive strength of plaster, Hydrocal® White Gypsum Cement is especially suitable in thin, delicate sections where high green strength is required. Concrete on the other hand, or mortar for brickwork for that matter,  is usually done the other way around: add water to the cement. 50 lb bags or anything larger that the Woodland Scenics Quart). In addition to using it for all my on-layout water scenes, it also works over aluminum window screen to create the landforms which keep derailed trains from falling to the concrete floor of the layout room. Hydrocal is a gypsum plaster. Try "floor leveler" at Lowe's or Home Depot. Post Nov 02, 2014 #1 2014-11-02T16:18. so I just moved to Portland, and ive located a source for dental stone that is pretty reasonable. I was always told to mix hydrocal to a peanut butter consistency. 52. (used mainly for rock-castings). Repair your plaster walls with this DAP 25 lbs. Grout and thin set both instruct to add water to the powder, but I do it opposite because it makes less of a mess with my paddle mixer on the 3/4" drill. Besides how hard does a hard shell have to be. I understand that Woodland Scenics has a special lightweight version....I don't necessarily need that. Still have a little left. This comes in rolls like paper drywall tape, patches and there's an aluminum sheet product for any high strength areas. Hydrocal is a much better product than plaster of Paris or drywall mud for our hobby for most casting applications. I have some Envirotex Lite for the resin. I took the time and looked at the material safety data sheet. It is harder than #1 Pottery Plaster and will hold detail longer with repeated castings. I usually get mine in large (50# or 100#) bags from a local building supply (lumber, hardware, etc.) They look at me funny when I go into the Home Depot and ask for hydrocal. Hydrocal is my preference for molded outcrops, since it is tough. I also note that the lightweight stuff separates over time. It could be a cheaper alternative to WS. Another thing to ask for is hotmud. I was always told to mix hydrocal to a peanut butter consistency. Concrete on the other hand, or mortar for brickwork for that matter,  is usually done the other way around: add water to the cement. It takes an iron man to play with a toy iron horse. Just used regular plaster I bought 5 years ago and no problems, again properly sealed. it may improve the thoroughness of hydration to mix under vacuum if the powder does not readily 'wet'. Home / USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement / USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement. I need to get a order off to WS or Scenic place for weeds for RRC. quantity. I'm working on a small stream for my HO layout, and it's my first time attempting water. As it dries, I use my fingers to add more water to seal the cloth. Copy Link to Reply; Report Reply; Printer Friendly Format ️ 0. mwb Member. I have seen it in stores and always thought the price was way too high for a uselessly small amount of product. I’ve been using Hydrocal Dental Plaster for over 20 years and it works better than great at a fraction of the cost of Hobby products.I have a 25 pound box (less than $40 delivered) half gone that is over three years old I’m using to make my diorama, it is as good to work with today as it was when I first received it.https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=dental+plaster+hydrocal&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_sop=15&_odkw=dental+plaster&_osacat=0 Works great for molding rocks. DAP Plaster of Paris can also be used for mold making, casting sculpted figures, and hobby and craft applications. Don't touch it until then or you will get lumps. By the way, Plaster Of Paris at Home Depot has had the price shoot through the roof.-Kevin. There are a couple of colors- white, grey, Ultracal (even HARDER), etc. Lightweight Hydrocal®* Plaster - Woodland Scenics. Puritan Pottery Plaster with 2400psi Compression Strength. Always do a small test with plaster that has been sitting for awhile. E-mail: Password: Sign In. Then I make my castings out of plaster from Home Depot. Are hydrocal and plaster exactly the same thing? You can test it by mixing up a batch and letting it harden at the work bench. I don't use Hydrocal for stream beds. USG Hydrocal (gypsum cement): $40 for 100 lbs. I bought a large paper bag of Hydrocal from a hobby shop in the mid-1990s when I was working on my HO scale layout, which I tranferred into a large Ziploc freezer bag with the air squeezed out every time I sealed it.Would you know, that same bag of Hydrocal is still in use today, over 25 years later, for making rock mold castings for my N scale layout! They will have hydrocal and dental paster both of which work quite well. Bag: USG White Hydrocal 50 Lbs. Durabond is a setting type drywall mud. USG Hydrocal White Gypsum Cement is designed for solid and hollow casting and is ideal for giftware and lamp base applications. It is Hydrocal or and equivalent. Allowing the first coat to dry overnight, two more coats one hour apart are enough to make a firm scenery base. They have various brands, but they all probably come from USG. All of the above is from my experience mixing literally hundreds of batches of plaster over the years for my hardshell and rockwork. Maybe if I sprayed some water on it I could scoop it out? You want the water to become steadily thicker and thicker. Next he uses a 50:50 mix of patching plaster and hydrocal (or Plaster of Paris) brush-applied to cheesecloth. It came in a paper bag, that I kept in the basement using about half of it. No hydrocal needed. Bag Our Price: $ 28.00. It is designed for thin layers of extra hard surface. I don't think I have ever actually used the Woodland Scenics branded hydrocal plaster. He said it chipped easily if you did not "seal" it, before painting. For creating high quality architectural, art novelty and statuary castings; Extremely hard; high compressive strength; Fine detail duplication; USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement 25 lbs. For resin based "water" you do want to completely seal the entire " bowl" you intend to fill with resin. One other point I may add is that in most (if not all) cases I was taught to add the plaster to the cold water. Artist Anthony Pearson. Woodland Scenics Lightweight Hydrocal Plaster 1/2 Gallon C1201. And, yes, proportions of water to powder are important if you want a strong and consistent product. You could also add a bit of water to stuff that was just starting to be less workable but there were limits. The stuff is far stronger than we actually need. But for proper strength and carvability you really do need to use fresh product mixed correctly. Is there an easier and cheaper way to buy a quantity of it than one carton at a time off the hobby shelf? Castings just crumbled. HYDROCAL® White Gypsum Cement. Presumably only in an air tight container stored in dry conditions. It also works well in rock moulds. Member since January 2004; From: Crosby, Texas; 3,660 posts Posted by cwclark on Wednesday, January … For regular drywall mud it doesn't matter but I get better, smoother product adding powder to the water but if you use premix you are adding water to the mud if you thin it so obviously it doesn't matter. Thanks for any help. Bag . Never a problem. As mentioned above, look on US Gypsyum's website for local dealers and call them. The concern isn't there for 'cement mixing' because the action of combining the aggregate and binders with the cement naturally accomplishes this within a few mixer turns, long within the 'retarding' period before chemical setup begins. Plaster mold making is a new-ish thing for me and I like to see what is possible while learning how to use this material. Otherwise plain Plaster of Paris will set up in 10-15 minutes, which is … 2. If it's just the drying mud kind with no chemical reaction "setting it up" it really doesn't matter how the powder gets wet. I never experienced the chalkiness you describe. Reply; Edit; cwclark. It does make a difference. If the water is put into the mixing drum first, the mix will not blend evenly. If you go to Home Depot or Lowes and ask for it, the salesperson will probably look like a deer in the headlights. Hot water will heat a plaster cast up enough to burn the patient. Dec 30, 2005 24 0 1 54 San Diego Kalifornia . Is there an acceptable substitute that I may find at my local hardware store ( Lowes or Home Depot)? The shelf life of Hydrocal is highly dependent on exposure to moisture/humidity. I can run my finger across the stream, and white powder covers my finger. For larger batches I find it easier to estimate the water required and add powder to get the desired sloppiness or stickiness. I have never mixed plaster as "Smooth as a fresh jar of Skippy.". 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 $49.99$49.99 I found an old thread where Jeffrey (who has passed and now the Diner carries his name) was a fan a regular plaster. So, make sure you use approved respiratory protection as per the M.S.D.S. Usually aggregate is added first, then cement, then water. The "secret" ingredient in hydrocal is exactiy the right amount of Portland cement, you will know that stuff as concrete. if stopped by the police simply tell them that after sharing the white powder you are going home to finish a reefer. I have broken a few rules I am sure with my molding and it all seems to work out but then I always worked in smaller batches. Happily modeling my STRATTON & GILLETTE RAILROAD. Rio Grande. For those setting type muds you should follow the instructions. FRED. With plaster of Paris or hydrocal you add the powder to the water. Qty: Description U.S. Gypsum WHITE HYDROCAL -REGULAR 50 lbs. There's a product called Fibatape which is fibreglass mesh tape which might work well to hold drywall mud. 4. Presumably the filler settles out or maybe it's lighter and the plaster portion settles out. The newly purchased box made cruddy crumbly rocks that I discarded. They also have other versions of artistic plasters. Costumes & Props • Popular Franchises. Bob Hahn manage your account online and more! A note about shellac: it's pine gum dissolved in methanol. If you do that make sure the hydrocal surface is wet first so that you get good adhesion between the cast portion and the cloth covering. USG Hydro-Stone® Gypsum Cement 25 lbs. It is a sealer rather than a coating. USG Hydrocal® White Gypsum Cement is a great multi-purpose product offering higher strengths than typical plaster products. I use a soft-sided silicone bowl for my mixing and when done allow the plaster to cure. MR subscribers, check out the new All-Time Digital Archives, https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=dental+plaster+hydrocal&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_sop=15&_odkw=dental+plaster&_osacat=0.

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