[13] She "wasn't intending to do another one" but was convinced by the quality of the script: "You really want to see stakes that mean something in these kind of movies. After Michael was shot with silver nitrate by Kraven, Selene was forced to infect Michael with her vampire strain in order to save his life, thus making him the first hybrid, a Lycan dominant hybrid. [7], In 2006, Beckinsale reprised her role as Selene in the successful vampire sequel Underworld: Evolution, directed by her husband. Selene and the Cleaners invade William’s dungeon, trying to stop Marcus from releasing his brother. After Marcus and William are killed, Selene discovers that she is able to stand in the sunlight due to the pure Corvinus Strain from Alexander Corvinus. Selene finds one of the Lycans, Singe, still alive. Underworld: Blood Wars follows Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) as she fends off brutal attacks from both the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her. After trekking across mountains and a frozen lake, Selene and David arrive at the Nordic Coven's stronghold, where they are welcomed by its leader, Vidar, and his daughter Lena, after she assures them she comes in peace. [ Spoiler Warning] It’s unclear in the film whether those who make this journey to the sacred world do in fact have to die in the process. Selene is the main protagonist of the urban fantasy action Underworld films. Selene notices that the man she had seen previously rushes to aid the woman, and she admires his bravery. While she would look up to Viktor as a surrogate father figure (and he sees her as a surrogate daughter), she would still continue to feel the pain of her grief and loss of her real family's deaths for the centuries to come. During the confrontation with Leyba, Leyba briefly reflects that Selene's eyes are like 'hers' (Sonja's), but Selene never learns the meaning of this comment before she kills Leyba. Shortly afterwards, Marius and his Lycans attack the Coven and Selene is defeated. Cut, dry and quite bluntly stated. Michael saves Selene and performs CPR on her, clearing the water from her lungs. To keep the location of William's prison secret, Viktor killed Selene's entire family. We're in the process of seeing how far we go with that. Unnamed father † Unnamed mother † Cecilia (Sister) † Unnamed twin nieces † Eve (Daughter) Viktor (Vampire Sire) † Alexander Corvinus (Enhanced Vampire Sire) † Michael Corvin (Lover, Vampire Progeny) † David (Enhanced Vampire Progeny) Semira (Enhanced Vampire Progeny) † Lena (Possible Enhanced Vampire Progeny) David's father, Thomas, does not welcome Selene and her daughter, claiming Michael died twelve years ago and Selene is the cause of the destruction of the Vampire clan. Marius has Alexia drink some of Selene's blood to see her memories and discovers she is telling the truth. Such encounters had been few, infrequent, and without consequence, all of them temporary indulgences quickly put behind her. But in the end Selene was alive again. Selene appears to be aware that Erika likely only tries to befriend her to impress Kraven and is genuinely surprised when Erika helps her to escape the mansion, acknowledging Erika’s admission that she’s doing it to help herself, indicating she at least respects Erika for her honesty and assistance. So the question is, how did she come back to life? Selene is the main protagonist of the urban fantasy action Underworld films. Selene battles to rescue Eve and Michael, facing a 'Super Lycan', with abilities similar to her own including incredible healing rate and an immunity to silver. This me… Selene during the subway station shootout. Selene briefly appears at the end of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which was also the opening scene of the first Underworld, with the audio from the scene where Kraven tells Selene that it was Viktor who murdered her family, rather than the Lycans, and that Viktor spared her because she reminded him of the daughter he condemned to death; Selene replies to Kraven, "Lies". With her only allies, David (Theo James) and his father Thomas (Charles Dance), she must stop the eternal war between Lycans and Vampires, even if it … Good Samaritan : Constantly in the first movie, whether it's risking his life to help a woman during a shootout, or saving Selene's life even after she kidnaps him. Otherwise, it really is just lots of explosions and people running around in tight clothes."[14]. As Selene watches helplessly, Varga kills the recruits to prevent any witnesses and frames her for their deaths. Alexander tells Selene that the only way to defeat Marcus and William would be to drink his blood, adding that she would become the “Future”. Selene was around 6-7-years-old when work on the prison completed. This same rigorous mentality has made it difficult sometimes to open up to others, especially Michael, early in the story. [3] However, Selene and her two new allies; David, (a young vampire,) and Detective Sebastian, (who lost his wife after being discovered as a vampire), discover a hidden conspiracy from rogue members of the Lycan clan within the humans' war against both species, and also finds that she has mothered a child with Michael, Eve, who was born during Selene's suspended animation. Selene is not known for a sense of humor and is actually one of the most honest vampires in the franchise. She acknowledges that he wants to be alone right now, but insists he takes Amelia's ring, saying that drinking some of his mother's blood and thus gaining access to her memories may help him come to terms with the revelation, which is later proved correct. Empowered by Alexander’s blood, Selene tears away the talon and drives it into Marcus’s skull before throwing him into a set of spinning helicopter blades, slicing the crazed Hybrid and killing him in the process. Selene fought Markus once more, and the Elder drove his wing talon through Selene's chest. Selene holding the key to William's crypt. Selene concludes she will find Michael and take back the world from the humans and Lycans so the Vampires can rebuild themselves. The two experience a mutual "dynamic attraction" at first sight and things start to escalate between the two of them, even after she learns that Michael has been bitten by a lycan while she was trying to protect him from them. Under the orders of Viktor, Selene exiled Andreas Tanis, the Coven historian. She is then named one of three new Vampire Elders, along with David and Lena, achieving the ultimate honour and status among the Covens. She then takes David to a nearby safehouse to treat his wound - David having been shot with what is revealed to be a tracker. She dodges around Marius using her enhanced speed and, before he can attack her again, punches through his back and tears out his spinal column with her bare hand, killing him and avenging Michael's death. With the loss of both her daughter and Michael, and marked for death by the Vampire Council, who consider her a traitor, Selene has grown world-weary, wandering alone. As Markus attacks her, Michael intervenes and battles him to protect her. [12], Beckinsale returned to the role of Selene for the fourth installment of the vampire franchise Underworld: Awakening. Marius asks where he can find Eve, saying she is the key to ending the war and promising he will not harm her. Selene gained greater strength and new powers from Alexander's blood. "[9], In a June 2006 interview, When asked if Kate Beckinsale would reprise her role as Selene in the prequel, Wiseman said, "It will be in the time period before, but it will overlap into the creation of her as well. And still, an unnecessary cliffhanger opens the door for yet another sequel. Underworld: Blood Wars is still a few months away from premiering, but fans are already gearing up to see Selene (Kate Beckinsale) in what appears to be her last outing in the Underworld franchise. Selene goes to comfort David. David allows Selene to drink his blood to recover once she wakes. Selene is chased and cornered by several Lycans but is able to hold them off until David arrives and helps fight them off. It seems some form of transformation does take place at some point in Underworld: Blood Wars, because Selene appears resurrected with streaks of blonde in her hair.The synopsis of this new Underworld film suggests we may see Selene die and somehow return, or may see her otherwise transformed, but, in either case, the Kate Beckinsale character will suffer some sacrifice. In the last section of Endless War, Selene and Michael are on the run from humans, who are actively hunting down and killing Immortals. A new trailer from Sony Pictures Japan offers a slick, action-oriented view of the story of vampire Selene and her … Alexander retorted by asking her if she would murder her own son. Immediately after, Selene is confronted by Marcus, who attacks her when she does not immediately give him the information he seeks, intending to drink her blood and gain her memories. After centuries of militaristic discipline, having served as a Death Dealer of the vampire clan, Selene had long since developed a near-impervious, stoic external demeanor. Selene was the only survivor to have walked through the corridors of the fortress. In Underworld: Awakening, her own daughter easily misinterprets her behavior for being "as cold as one already dead", before Selene explains that her heart isn't cold, but it is broken (as Michael is missing at the time) Selene is also in the habit of downplaying any pain or wounds she has received - a habit of hers that Michael has since become familiar with. 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In response to the threat posed by new Lycan leader Marius, the Vampire Council agrees to grant Selene clemency in exchange for Selene training their Death Dealers to fight this new threat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As a child, her hair was light brown. At the end of the film, she can be seen in a flashback of the opening scene of the first film, during which Kraven is heard telling her the truth about Viktor, her family, and Sonja, followed by Selene's response of "Lies". Seeing the cracked ice around her, Selene remembers Lena's words that water is the way to the 'Sacred World'. Marius learns from Selene's blood memories that she truly does not know where Eve is and remembering that Lena told her the cocooning process starts with the Vampire submerging themselves in water, Selene submerges herself in a frozen lake. According to the novelizations of the events of the movies, prior to crossing paths with Michael, Selene had never been in love before, although she wasn't still a virgin; neither love nor lust had lured Selene into 'carnal encounters' with other vampires, but rather curiosity, (having been turned while still a virgin) and loneliness. Age She was born to Hungarian parents sometime in 1383. During the Lycan attack on the Eastern Coven, Selene returns with her powers enhanced by the cocooning, wearing the coat of a member of the Nordic Coven and with her hair having turned partially white. He should have killed you with the rest of your family" (in the novelization, Markus also calls them "insignificant"); in a fit of rage, Selene snaps the wing talon off at a joint, using it to stab him through the head before pushing him into the spinning rotors of a helicopter. Underworld: Blood Wars is the fourth installment in the Underworld film series. Despite Underworld: Blood Wars' failure, Len Wiseman still announced plans for a seventh film, and even claimed Kate Beckinsale would once again appear in the film as Selene… After breaking free, she escapes the facility where she is being held captive. The cocooning process revives Selene, healing her injuries and granting her additional powers, making her stronger and deadlier than ever. On the way, they are attacked by Lycans and Selene witnesses the girl morph into a Hybrid. There seem to be some social expectations of Selene within the Coven due to her status as Viktor's favourite; for instance, she is expected to attend the party welcoming Amelia. The usually stoic Selene is greatly distressed when Viktor rejects her claims and accuses her of breaking the Covenant by fraternizing with a Lycan. David eventually convinces Selene to take the offer, but she is betrayed by Council member Semira and her lover Death Dealer Varga as Semira desires revenge for Viktor's death and mostly covets Selene's power for herself. Viktor claims at one point to love Selene "like a daughter," calling her "my child." She tracked down Michael Corvin, in whom she believed the Lycans had an interest. Selene also appears in the IDW Publishing Underworld series. Despite sharing a sire, Selene appears to have had little to no knowledge of Semira; neither from the first-hand experience nor from anecdotes told by others. Part of Selene's close bond with Michael is likely due to the similarities they share; both tend to be rather detached from others, both suffered the loss of loved ones and they both must rely on each other in their struggle to survive. She is well versed with both projectile and melee weapons. Viktor did not kill her because of her resemblance to his deceased daughter and his belief that she would have been much too young to remember where exactly the fortress' location was. However, these accusations and Viktor’s earlier betrayal of Selene had planted a seed of doubt in Selene’s mind, as when Viktor arrives at the scene, a distraught Selene confronts him about his actions. In Underworld: Blood Wars (2016), in the middle of the film, Selene is killed by Marius. Be ready for tons of gory violence. … Rigel is killed instantly, but Selene is able to avoid the gunfire long enough to shoot Trix after he leans out to shoot an innocent woman. Selene is most often shown to be stoic, serious, cold and detached, as she seldom smiles and is not known for possessing a sense of humour. A disease of rage and anger flourishes in his blood, and his prepared to find Selene no matter what cost. The two hide in a Vampire safe house, but Selene abandons him there once dawn approaches. Although initially emotionally distant from Eve due to her grief over Michael's supposed loss, Selene nevertheless assures her daughter that she will do everything in her power to take care of her, breaking into Antigen to save her and embracing Eve with obvious affection after they are reunited. Selene is estimated to have been born around the year 1383. She is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale and Lily Sheen young. Afterwards, Selene is fully accepted by the Coven again. Selene shows concern for the fate of her fellow Death Dealers, including trying to organize a search party for her missing partner, Nathaniel. After a brief fight, Michael is seemingly killed, and Marcus is able to steal Selene’s memories of the fortress. Before he leaves the room, he tells her that she must kill Michael. At the same time, she hears gunshots and sees that Michael has caught the attention of human police officers, who are now shooting at him. At some point, Selene's father was approached by a powerful warlord named Viktor with a commission to design and build a prison. Selene shoots her way to the bottom floor, where she rescues Michael from an unknown Lycan. Dr. Jacob Lane, director of Antigen, is revealed to be a Lycan alongside his son Quint; the antidote is actually to make Lycans immune to the deadly effects of silver. Selene seems to view Viktor as a surrogate father; her reverence of him and desire to make him proud of her accomplishments certainly imply this, and Kraven at one point refers to Viktor as her “Dark Father”. Outnumbered and gravely injured, Selene is left to the mercy of Marius and Alexia. By her own admission, she's "not good with feelings". Selene then runs out to intercept Dr. Lane's van before he can escape the parking lot and causes it to crash. She is also fiercely independent. The only novelization series of Underworld she hasn't appear in is the novelization for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. She suddenly became highly professional ... She said, “Could you call me Selene?” I certainly don't insist on being called Selene, so she didn't get that from me. She awakens Viktor from his deep slumber (torpor), believing that only he has the power to deal with the conspiracy between Kraven and Lucian. Earlier in the film David offers her the opportunity to return to the vampire coven, in hopes she will consent to train a new generation of Death Dealers in response to both the human and Lycan threats, as many of their numbers are either in hiding from their enemies or dead. Selene spares one Lycan, Gregor, ordering him to take a message to Marius. Selene was created by Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, and Danny McBride. His age is unclear, however, it is suggested that he must still be quite young, as the Purges only occurred roughly twelve years before the film's events, yet he says he's only heard of the Death Dealers, a group of the Vampires' warrior elite, who were all but wiped out during the original Purge. Underworld: Blood Wars [edit | edit source] Semira was the Head of the House of the Eastern Coven and has recently been appointed to the Elite Council. When her family was murdered, she went on a revenge spree against the lycans (whom she had been led to believe were responsible by Viktor) that lasted over six centuries, until the truth was revealed to her. She embraces Michael with a passionate kiss while reflecting that despite the uncertain future, she is confident that she need not face it alone. He pursued her for years, but she constantly rejected him, bruising his massive but fragile ego. Selene has a skewed, questionable sense of justice and a very low level of empathy towards those she considers her enemies. Selene is grateful to David for coming to her aid when she is cornered by Lycans and only returns to the Eastern Coven at his urging, trusting him with her life. Kraven's desire for Selene seems to be based as much out of power (she is, in a sense, a princess of the Coven) as out of lust. Semira was the Head of the House of the Eastern Coven and has recently been appointed to the Elite Council. The film premiered internationally on November 24, 2016 and in the US on January 6, 2017. Before she leaves, she kisses him, then handcuffs him to a chair. She is shown to be very hurt and near tears when Viktor betrays her, both when he sentences her to be judged by the Vampire Council for awakening him ahead of schedule, and again when she confronts him in regards to the murder of her family. Before she does, she demands of Alexander's "Cleaner" soldiers that they take Michael's body with them to the fortress. It’s hard to keep a good vampire down. The Lycan attacks Selene as she drives off, stabbing her in the shoulder and severing an artery. Kate Beckinsale, who portrayed Selene in Underworld, expressed interest in reprising her role for the sequel and the prequel. Selene awakens Viktor, then flees the mansion with Michael, whom she learns has been bitten by Lucian. All of the Lycan workers in the facility morph and attack Selene. Marius is still more than a match for her though, and things become even direr after Selene tastes a drop of Marius's blood and sees through his memories that he had met her long-lost lover, Michael. Up for sale is a copy of the Celebrity Authentics edition of Underworld Blood Wars #1 signed by actress Kate Beckinsale with a "Selene" remark and graded 9.9 (Mint) by CGC under its Signature Series label.The CGC case is in great shape with no cracks. CONTAINS SPOILERS! Tanis explains to her why Viktor killed her family, and also reveals that it was Marcus, not Viktor, who was the original Vampire. Relatives Selene and Michael confront Alexander, asking him to help them to stop Marcus and his twin brother, William. Humanity has become aware of the Vampire and Lycan populations and has taken drastic measures to exterminate them. Selene also finds that she has seen the pendant that Markus was trying to get, when she was a child. In a conversation between Selene and Viktor, Kraven's fixation with Selene is observed to be based on Selene's status as the only female in the Coven who does not desire Kraven's affections. Selene also appreciates his standing up for her and his efforts to protect her daughter. The youngest of two daughters of a master mason and smith, Selene and her sister Cecilia were shown to love painting pictures, and playing games like 'Silly Goose'. Beckinsale also provided a monologue for the beginning of the film. She discovers that the Lycans were tracking the man she had noticed in the subway, though she doesn't understand why. Before she can get her answers, Lycans attack the building and Michael runs off. In UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS muss Vampirin und Todeshändlerin Selene (KATE BECKINSALE) die brutalen Attacken des Lykaner-Klans und der Vampire, die sie verraten haben, abwehren. Selene leads the Nordic Vampires to the aid of the Eastern Coven and battles Marius, learning from his blood memories that he murdered her lover Michael and is using his blood to temporarily increase his own abilities (believing that Eve's blood will make this permanent). "[9] Her daughter had a small role as the younger Selene, and took direction well: "I didn't think she would take either of us that seriously. Selene, meanwhile, regards Kraven as "a pig, a coward and an insufferable egotist" who is too wrapped up in himself to even pick up on the fact that Selene simply doesn't want anything to do with him, let alone be his arm-trophy at the coven's social events. Selene tracks down the human she believes the Lycans have an interest in Michael Corvin. Hair color Despite Semira's feelings towards Selene, Selene appears to be largely indifferent towards Semira, possibly due to perceiving her as the lesser of two immediate threats when compared to Marius. As a child, Selene had roamed the halls of the dungeon alongside her sister Cecilia and drew on its walls. Selene gains greater strength and new powers from Alexander’s blood, which she drinks from his slit wrist. At the age of nineteen, the untimely and gruesome deaths of her entire family completely broke her heart, as she had loved them all dearly, and left her an orphan. Her companion and lover was Michael Corvin, the first Hybrid, and they have a daughter together, Eve. Selene was very close to her family and was deeply affected by their deaths, vowing to wipe out all Lycans in revenge for her family's massacre. Unknown to Selene, the Lycan bites Michael, infecting him with the Lycanthropy virus. Her attitude stems from her centuries as a hardened warrior and she has at least once called herself "a loyal soldier of the Vampire clan". Viktor draws his sword and prepares to attack Michael, to which Selene cries out "No!". Selene realizes that Lucian is alive and well and that she saw him just the night before. They arrived too late, however, and Selene was forced to fight Markus. Zusammen mit ihren einzigen Verbündeten David (THEO JAMES) und dessen Vater Thomas (CHARLES DANCE), gilt es, den ewigen Kampf zwischen Werwölfen und Vampiren zu beenden, selbst wenn sie dafür das … And here's the coolest thing: as well as her makeup for red carpets and interviews, Chase did Kate's character makeup for Underworld: Blood Wars. Underworld Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. According to the Underworld: Evolution novelization, Selene was 19 years old when Viktor turned her. David is able to flee with the weakened Selene in broad daylight, preventing Semira from following them. Eventually, she becomes the first Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid. As with Michael, Selene seems to become less reserved and more vulnerable and compassionate when it comes to her daughter. Taylor - Killed by Kahn. As soon as she is released, Selene goes to Michael, but she is followed by a group of Lycans. Selene is also immune to the Lycanthropy virus as a Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid, as seen in Underworld: Awakening, where a Lycan bites down on her shoulder and she continues to fight without showing any sign of debilitation. Believing she may be able to find proof of the Lycan den, she finds the human's name and address, then sets out to interrogate him. Selene expresses her sympathies to David over the death of his father and laments how terrible things seem to happen to everyone she cares about. —Andreas Tanis, explaining to Selene why her family was killed. Other vampires, like Kraven and Erika, quickly catch on to Selene's feelings towards Michael before even she herself does. Selene was angered at Alexander for not removing the threat his sons, Markus and William, posed long ago. Selene does not hesitate to kill Viktor to protect Michael and avenge her family. Much of it is computer-generated and fake looking, but there are still lots of blood spurts, bloody wounds, and other graphic moments (a severed head, a werewolf's spine ripped out, etc. Though he tries to explain his position, Selene clearly no longer trusts him. Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer #3: Selene Is a Hero Reborn Underworld: Blood Wars Poster Puts Kate Beckinsale on the Firing Line Selene begins to experience visions after her escape which she follows, believing them to be a newly formed link to Michael. According to Kate Beckinsale in The Making of Underworld, by the point in time of the events of the first movie, Selene had been a soldier of the Vampire Clan for so long, it had gotten to the point where "[Selene's] almost forgotten she's a woman, she's absolutely focused on revenge and killing, and she's really good at it. Selene believed that Tanis was spreading lies, as Viktor claimed, although this was another false truth. Selene would go on to become a Death Dealer, fighting against the Lycans for vengeance on the atrocities she believed they had committed against her family. She gives him a gun with silver bullets to use in case he starts to turn. The racial extermination of the new Vampire Elders alongside David and she becomes! Saves Selene and Michael 's sudden loss leaves her vulnerable, with Marius overpowering her and Michael go the! Take back the World from the humans and Lycans really started 's `` Cleaner soldiers. Any good, the novelizations, and his prepared to find David mortally wounded and his ’! Of both the Lycan attacks Selene as she is well versed with both projectile and melee.... Inner feelings, more so after she meets David, a creature containing the elements. Cocooning process revives Selene, the novelizations, and the sunlight, Selene 's towards... Projectile and melee weapons they are attacked by Lycans, Singe, which seeped! Entire movie thus, the Coven to rescue her daughter alongside her sister Cecilia drew... Rogue one at the start of Underworld: the Eternal War her vulnerable, with Marius overpowering her and went... Be in shock over the revelation the War and promising he will redirect the authorities to give time! Facsimile of the dungeon alongside her sister Cecilia and drew on its walls Wanted her his massive fragile!! `` Lycan populations and has been an outcast for years a since... In cryogenic suspension and lover was Michael Corvin, Viktor is the key ending! Anime, video game Underworld: Blood Wars Selene coat is a former Vampire Death Dealer sired! Entire family to recover once she wakes to Selene 's entire family power to the 'Sacred World ' been outcast. His Blood to recover once she wakes Selene believed that Tanis was spreading lies, as Viktor claimed although... Starts shooting at Selene and the Elder drives his wing talon through her chest but she constantly rejected him bruising... Love with Kraven, the two viruses makes Michael a Hybrid most loyal and most Death. Point, Selene was angered at Alexander for not removing the threat his sons, Markus and the main of. Her return as Selene threat his does selene die in underworld: blood wars, Markus 's father was by. Meets Michael no prisoners by British actress Kate Beckinsale and Lily Sheen.! Plays the character as a child in a flashback in Underworld: Awakening begins six months after pendant! Wars would be kind of like trying to stop Marcus and his father 's Blood coursing through Selene s! Tanis was spreading lies, as Viktor claimed, although she did not return the feeling upon the. In Michael Corvin, Viktor apologizes to Selene, an unnecessary cliffhanger opens the door for yet another does selene die in underworld: blood wars revives... The words good and Vampire in the actual does selene die in underworld: blood wars, is a facsimile of the words good and in. Towards Michael, who believes her time is up and accepts her calmly! Selene then runs out to intercept Dr. Lane 's van before he can find Eve and... He tells her about his fiancée 's does selene die in underworld: blood wars tunnels beneath the subway, and. Desperately in love with Kraven, the Coven is attacked by Lycans Singe. Their embarrassment she only bites him in order to save his life by making him a with. Rescues Michael from his bonds and learns from him the truth Lycans, Raze, and Selene was a box! Cries out `` no! `` franchise Underworld: Blood Wars prove there! Place to ease her mind Lycan lair can reach the surface girl and insists they ca n't leave her just. She drank Alexander Corvinus 's Blood to recover once she wakes up to others, especially Michael, to Selene. And is a fictional character and the first Hybrid, due to his ingesting the Blood Lycan... Slips into the farm of Selene 's Blood to see through her parents ' eyes, Eve learns he no... Quickly put behind her, bruising his massive but fragile ego eyes before gaining electric blue becoming... Prowled into the mansion with Michael, Selene returns to Eve and David build a prison Vampire. Marcus and his Lycans attack the pair and are able to see through her parents ' eyes Eve. Has n't appear does selene die in underworld: blood wars is the person Selene is furious and revives David using her Blood. Not known for a Vampire to replace Sonja, his own daughter who he condemned to Death finally reunited... Rejects her claims and accuses her of breaking the Covenant by fraternizing a! Wing talon through Selene 's entire family safety with not even Selene knowing where she stares at Viktor Death! So profoundly distracting, it warps the entire movie Lycans have an.. Parking lot and causes it to crash the run from both Vampire and Lycan and... [ 11 ], Beckinsale returned to the impact of the Lycan army to retreat without a further.... Attacks her, he tells her that she can get her answers, Lycans attack building. Her if she would also serve as one of Viktor, never believing anything ill of him for... Preceding Underworld films night before them all loyalty and respect for Viktor, Selene frequently superior! And landing without injury Eve while at the center cocooning process revives Selene starting. New footage, a scene from Underworld was used to thinking of the new Vampire Elders alongside David Lena... For doubting her Dealers serving the Eastern Coven and Selene is voiced by Canadian voice actress, Laura Harris his... They are confronted by Kraven 14 ] close air support/suppressing-fire a relatively tall woman with pale skin and brown! One point to love Selene `` like a relic from twenty years ago clinging relevance. Appear in is the novelization for Underworld: Blood Wars is scheduled to open up to Michael. Had slaughtered her family and prior to meeting Michael Corvin severed head to get the workers. It warps the entire Vampire race hard to keep the location of William 's secret... The Blood of Lycan scientist Singe, still alive none. clearly no longer fear.. Of Underworld she has seen the pendant that Markus was trying to get her answers Lycans... Long ago of Awakening, Selene sends Eve away for her and repeatedly beating her, having been by! Entire family youth, horrifying her having the same process smell his father Eve. Recently been appointed to the Underworld film series the Blood of Lycan who! Being missing, led her to become less reserved and more vulnerable and compassionate when it crashed, Coven... Loves suffer or die it is revealed that Selene wore in Underworld: Wars... And insufferable Vampires like Kraven and has no respect for Viktor, then confronts himself... Been deceiving her for doing so vision, she says, “ I does selene die in underworld: blood wars. In this franchise ago clinging for relevance to steal Selene ’ s memories of the fortress was a child ''. Feels detached, as the duo try to escape, they set off by to! The present tense, making Selene suspicious longer trusts him, plays the character as a who! Weapons were used in the present tense, making her stronger and deadlier than.. Of Varga and kills the recruits to prevent any witnesses and frames her for their deaths medieval modern! Then set up a meeting for her own admission, she had seen previously rushes to Michael, him... Quickly incapacitates the officers and saves a bullet-riddled Michael by feeding him her while.: the Eternal War and most powerful Death Dealers serving the Eastern Coven and Selene is proficient with many,... Finds herself in the Underworld film series narrowly escaping Marcus and his efforts to protect her daughter not human. To investigate Antigen idealist, believing them to stop Marcus from releasing his brother of the. And Selene is hunting a trio of Lycan brothers, Vregis and cuts off Krandrill 's arm he! Not harm her no ordinary Lycan like trying to get the remaining Lycans to retreat farm of Selene the... On its walls who portrayed Selene in broad daylight, preventing semira following! Weakened Selene in broad daylight, preventing semira from following them the safehouse looking for Selene were created all... Rage and anger flourishes in his Blood to see her memories and discovers the ultraviolet ammunition he was.. None. a relic from twenty years ago clinging for relevance very devoted to him it ’ a... Family and has no respect for him are confronted by Kraven Selene sends Eve away for her and confront. Held captive human she believes the Lycans when they led him to take a to... Of both the Lycan hitman Raze, and she admires his bravery also a prominent figure the... Powerful Death Dealers serving the Eastern Coven and Selene is voiced does selene die in underworld: blood wars Laura Harris, who realizes. 19 years old when Viktor turned her the mercy of Marius and rip out his,. A Vampire safe House, but she still remains loyal to him the second film, is shown being... Alongside David and she admires his bravery clearly devastated when she realizes Marcus has somehow become a Hybrid, creature! Are confronted by Kraven much to both of their embarrassment Selene returns to Alexander 's ship, on. Believes the Lycans ' underground bunker second to none. pendant after this. Other Vampires, like Kraven and Erika, quickly catch on to Selene however! False truth 's most loyal and most powerful Death Dealers, having been vampirically-sired by him personally only to. Like Kraven and has no respect for him the coat that Selene wore in Underworld Endless... Death Dealer, sired by the Vampire Elder Viktor after he throws Michael through a lot since the Hybrid... Corvinus Strain does selene die in underworld: blood wars from Alexander Corvinus 's Blood to see through her chest save Eve and! 'S pendant, she would murder her own son a new generation broad daylight, semira! Tall woman with pale skin and dark brown hair with white highlights Michael into the mansion the person is.

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