ET. Sanders talks about the gift of creating a nation based on “love” and “compassion” and not “greed” and “hatred.”, Klobuchar says she is doing this because it is so important to pick the right candidate to take on Trump. Yang, asked again about immigration, says immigrants are being scapegoated when robots are taking away jobs. 9:54 PM: Klobuchar now asked about judges. Yang vows to give Dreamers a permanent legislative fix in the first 100 days. - Elk Grove, CA - The first debate between President Barack Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney will be held Oct. 3 at 6 p.m. Pacific. Watch full video at ⁦@BreitbartNews⁩ FB page. 8:58 PM: Biden is now asked about China’s unprecedented military buildup and espionage. Sanders says Trump thinks he will win re-election by “dividing us up.”. He says DC is the richest area in the country and it only produces bad decisions., — Julián Castro (@JulianCastro) December 19, 2019. Yang says China is leapfrogging us in AI and the government is subsidizing it. — UNITE HERE Local 11 (@UNITEHERE11) December 17, 2019 When is the debate? He agrees with taxing millionaires and billionaires but he disagrees with spending it on millionaires and billionaires. He says his job is to make the case that Trump can’t be president for another four years. The debate is scheduled to air live at from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Should the U.S. boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics? He talks about thorium reactors for energy. “Let’s defeat Trump and let’s transform this country,” he concludes. 8:15 PM: Debate now turns to USMCA. Joe Biden: President Trump's response to being impeached "is dumbing down the presidency beyond what I even thought he would do." This time… Below you will find highlights, key moments, quotes and social media reactions from the debate. “This is the problem with issuing purity tests… that you cannot pass,” Buttigieg tells her after saying he is the only candidate not worth a million dollars. Klobuchar says the president is not king–the law is king. Warren talks about her two-cent wealth tax plan and her plan without directly answering the question. Sanders gets asked to respond first as the oldest candidate. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in a debate for the final time before Election Day. Warren says the transgender commnuity has been “marginalized in every way possible.” She says the president should lift up their lives. Steyer claims Democrats need an unconventional candidate like him to take on Trump because Trump defeated the best prepared candidate in history during the last election cycle. Each candidate is asked why Democrats haven’t been able to convince a majority of Americans that Trump should be impeached. Will they ask Democrats similar uncomfortable questions tonight? The fourth Democratic presidential debate — which will actually have more candidates onstage than September’s — will be on Tuesday, October 15, at … Angela Bassett honors the people demanding change by making their voices heard. 8:49: On Israel, Sanders says Israel has the right to exist in peace and security. It will be held at Belmont University in Nashville. Sanders says we need moral leadership in the White House and a president who will do everything to end all forms of discrimination against transgender people and all minorities. He starts talking about a criminal justice system that is “racist” and needing an economy that focuses on the needs of oppressed people. But depression, drug overdoses, student loans are also at record highs and the country’s life expectancy has declined over the last three years. Buttigieg says this is beyond public opinion and polls. ET … Steyer mentions that he started the Need to Impeach movement. Buttigieg keeps talking about how his candidate is about rejecting “cynicism.” He’ll get attacked from the left on this because he doesn’t want to embrace transformative policies. “I’ve done thousands of them,” Biden says. Steyer says fighting climate change is what will pull the country together. Warren says she is in the fight because she thinks about what Democrats can do if they take back the government. Buttigieg says Trump is weakening the freedom of the press around the world with his constant “enemy of the people” remarks. WHAT TIME IS THE FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE? Steyer says climate change presents the country a chance to create millions of jobs in middle-class communities in addition to cleaning up the environment in black and brown communities that are impacted the most. Biden says he refuses to accept the notion that “we can never never get to a place where we can have cooperation again.” Biden says “we are dead as a country” if we can’t cooperate. The vice presidential debate will also look a little different from the first presidential debate as more safety guidelines will be in place. 8:04 PM: Biden says the integrity of the office of the presidency needs to be restored. Sanders says he will make the case that “we have a president who has sold out the working families of this country” and cut Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. Warren: “I do not sell access to my time.” Warren says if Buttigieg can’t stand up to the wealthy when it is easy, how can Americans believe he can stand up to them when he is president and is really hard. He says the unemployment rate and GDP have little to do with the lived experiences of people on the ground. ET on Thursday, Oct. 22. 8:20 PM: Biden is asked what he will say to voters who want to stick with Trump because of the economy. But what does that translate to in other time zones? Why does he think partisan Republicans will all of a sudden want to work with Biden like this is the good old days of Congress when Biden could pal around with Ted Stevens. Warren then hypes up her wealth tax and other programs. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours., — Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) December 19, 2019. Get involved: Warren tries to make the case that the wealth tax will not stifle the economy. 8:47 PM: Klobuchar asked what she says to white Americans who are uncomfortable with becoming a racial minority. The lone vice presidential debate of the 2020 election is tonight, pitting incumbent Mike Pence against California Sen. Kamala Harris. 9:56 PM: Buttigieg asked about other potential litmus tests besides Roe. He says you can’t get the energy needed for such a turnout if you don’t have a candidate who is willing to take on the powerful interests. NEW: One of Pete Buttigieg's bundlers is a natural gas lead at McKinsey. Yang, after talking about his “Move People to Higher Ground” plan, says he agrees with the research re: nuclear power plants. Then, after the debates, watch KIRO 7 Tonight at 11 p.m. when we’ll go deeper with expert analysis on the important issues that will impact you. Klobuchar says this is a “global Watergate” after pointing out Madison wanted impeachment in the Constitution to protect against foreign influence. He says real change comes from the ground up and talks about his organization and his grassroots fundraising. PBS NewsHour and Politico are co-hosting the last primary debate of 2019, which will show seven 2020 presidential contenders facing off against each other starting at 8 p.m. @AndrewYang hits the media for telling Americans “Russia, racism, Facebook, Hillary Clinton” are the reasons Trump’s president, — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) December 20, 2019. He is not willing to commit “one way or another.” “Let’s see what happens,” Biden says, adding, “it’s a nice thought.”. Everything you need to know about the Democratic presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday, January 14, 2020: which six candidates made the cut, how to tune in, and where to stream it. He says an American president, instead of spending money on weapons to kill each other, can lead the world to fight “our common enemy, which is climate change.”, 8:30 PM: Debate turns to climate. Buttigieg says any authorization of force should come with a three-year sunset period so Congress will be forced to take an up or down vote to renew. Warren says she was a special education teacher and she valued it. Steyer says the U.S. should be leading on a value-driven basis and says the U.S. “can’t isolate” ourselves from China but has to work with them as “frenemies.” He says the U.S. must partner with China to solve climate change issues. Judy Woodruff introducing the moderators and the candidates. She says the biggest problem is politicians in Washington who say the right thing but bow down to the lawyers, donors, think tanks and are “bought and paid for.”. “Billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president,” Warren says. Buttigieg talks about getting elected as mayor again as a “gay dude in Mike Pence’s Indiana.” Klobuchar reminds Buttigieg that he lost his only bid for statewide office. The first presidential debate between candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump starts at 6 pm PT and 9 pm ET on September 29. He says they will be, for the most part, okay. When asked if he supports reparations, Buttigieg says he supports Sheila Jackson Lee’s HR-40 bill to study the issue. The Debate Starts at 9 PM Eastern. Buttigieg just punts and says Democrats need to rally around the nominee. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. She wants to keep some nuclear in place but she does not want to build new nuclear power plants. She says she would appoint judges like Kagan, Breyer, Sotomayor and the “notorious RBG.”. 10:15 PM: Candidates are asked which candidate they would like to give a gift or ask for forgiveness. ET. | 2020 Election It will be held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She says she can bring people together for people who want less noise and longer coattails. 9:57 PM: Sanders is asked about the murders of transgender women of color and what he would do to stop violence against transgender people. The vice presidential debate will air live tonight as California Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence take to the stage less than a month before the election day on November 3, 2020. Warren says this is a “dark moment in America” but she comes here tonight with a “heart filled with hope.” Warren says Amazon unites her three brothers because they are furious that Amazon paid zero in taxes (she now steals from Yang like she did from Harris earlier in the night). She hits Buttigieg for not opening his fundraisers to the press. WASHINGTON - Despite the cancelation of the second presidential debate and President Donald Trump's early-October COVID-19 diagnosis, the final debate is scheduled for tonight. 8:35 PM: Biden also says he would support subsidies because workers will get opportunities to get better “green” jobs. 10:25 PM: Candidates will now give their closing statements: Steyer says he is different from everyone on stage because he has been taking on unchecked corporate power for the last ten years. The debate will finish at 10.30 p.m. but many networks will also be hosting commentary and analysis before and after the debate itself. Meanwhile, Mr. Mayor, visitors passed homeless people sleeping on the street in tents on the drive down here. Warren using her answer to talk about corruption–calls Trump the most corrupt president in history. 7:30 PM: The media love to point out the GOP’s lack of diversity. What Time Is The Democratic Debate? Sanders, repeating lines from his stump speech, says we have a president who is a pathological liar, running a corrupt administration, and is a fraud because he broke his promises to working-class Americans. Millions of people have already voted. Steyer says people are complaining about the GOP’s “cruelty.” He says the gift that he would like to give everyone on stage is the “gift of teamwork” because they need to beat this “corrupt and criminal” president together. All times eastern. but about working-class people standing up together. The candidates will also be positioned at least 12 feet from each other, rather than six feet. ET on Thursday, Oct. 22. The two-hour debate will begin at 6 p.m. Pacific time tonight — Wednesday, Feb. 19 — and will be televised by NBC and MSNBC and in Spanish on the Universo cable network. He says the U.S. should be reacting by gathering a coalition of our freedom-loving allies to push back. Sanders rejects the question’s premise and says he will pass Medicare for all. Since the last time the two debated in … She does not want people assigned to jails based on how they were identified at birth. Tonight's presidential debate: start time, schedule, and streaming By Colin Lecher @colinlecher Updated Sep 26, 2016, 5:00pm EDT Share this story The 90-minute-long clash runs until 10.30pm ET, 9.30pm CT or 7.30pm PT. He says we should talk more about the poor and those living in poverty. He then speaks about “generational theft” and how “harms compound” like a dollar saved (dollar stolen). 9:44 PM: Sanders says the way to defeat Trump is with the largest voter turnout. He talks about term limits and says he’s the only person on stage who has built a multinational corporation, and he can take on Trump and beat him on the economy. Biden says Warren is not the only one who does selfies. Klobuchar going after Buttigieg for attacking those with Washington experience. She talks about passing 100 bills and electability. Talks about people coming here and wanting to work like the devil. What Time is the Presidential Debate Tonight? Clashes break out with police as several thousand protesters, including entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, gather on Maidan (Independence) Square in central Kiev to rally against recently announced virus measures. She says she will go to the Rose Garden to read the names of transgender people and people of color who have been killed in the past year. 8:03 PM: The first question is about impeachment. Sanders says Americans have been hearing great speeches for 45 years but their wages, standard of living have hardly gone up. Yang says he would like to give each candidate a copy of his book about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Organizers of the @NoFossilMoney pledge say the bundler's personal contribution is “absolutely breaking the spirit of the pledge, if not the letter.” Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex pays tribute to the people working to ensure that Americans have food during the pandemic. Next up? She talks about her plan for funding education for those with disabilities. He is asked what he would do if China moved in militarily. Harris arrived in Utah on Friday and where she toured the park honoring Mormon pioneers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Scott Howell, a former Democratic leader of the state Senate. Yang says it’s an honor and a disappointment. 8:43 PM: Biden asked a good question. He accuses Trump of using Israel to act “pro-Israel” and “pro-Jewish” while welcoming “white nationalists” on his team. He says it’s a tall order and Democrats are going to need a nominee who can respond to the “crisis of belonging.” He calls for a politics defined not by who we reject but by a politics defined by “belonging” and not “exclusion.”. Following the disorderly first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, the Commission on Presidential Debates has said that "additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues.". ET. Biden takes offense with Sanders’ suggestion that he is in the “pocket of billionaires.”. He says the issue is not old/young etc. 8:44 PM: Yang gets the question about his being the only person of color on the stage. The last presidential debate between Trump and Biden before Election Day takes place tonight, Oct. 22. Yang says fewer than five percent of Americans donate to political campaigns. Big thanks to everyone who came out in L.A.! The debate will start at 6 p.m. Pacific time on Tuesday and last 90 minutes, with no commercial breaks. Yang says “our country is deeply misogynist” and everybody knows it.Yang says if you leave too many me alone together “we become morons.”. 8:55 PM: Buttigieg asked about China. 10:06 PM: On health care, Sanders is asked if there are smaller measures he would take to expand coverage if Congress rejects his Medicare for all plan. He says immigrants are the “future of America”–“Get used to it.” Moderator does not follow up on reparations and lets Biden not even answer the question. Start Time – The debates will air from 9 pm to 10:30 pm ET (8 pm – 9:30 pm CT, 7 pm – 8:30 pm MT, 6 pm – 7:30 pm PT) 2020 Presidential Debates First Presidential Debate 9:12 PM: Candidates asked about Obama’s quote that women are better leaders than men. Next presidential debate set for tonight after town hall event canceled: WATCH LIVE The final presidential debate begins at 9 p.m. Yang says we need to stop obsessing about impeachment and solve the problems that got Trump elected. He says he misses Kamala ad Cory and says he predicts Cory will be back. He says the Supreme Court is personal to him because his marriage exists because of a single vote. The vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Pence will take place tonight at 9 p.m. She is asked why the wealthy should also get free tuition. Sanders asked if he will support the deal. Biden, when told Obama probably didn’t clear those remarks with his campaign, says he is going to guess Obama wasn’t talking about him either. He says this is the rivalry that we have to win. Biden claims people “don’t like the economy” because the middle class is “getting killed.”, Buttigieg says where he lives folks aren’t measuring the economy by how well the Dow Jones is doing. He says it will not stop outsourcing or corporations from moving to Mexico. The debate will run for 90 minutes, with the vice-presidential candidates debating nine topics for ten minutes each. Do not seem fluent or at ease at all and looking for all sorts of go-to crutches on race-related issues. Klobuchar says she will vote for it. 10:00 PM: Biden now asked about the recent Afghanistan report that said there was pressure from the Obama administration to claim the troop surge was working. 9:51 PM: Debate turns to how government can integrate people with disabilities… Yang says special needs is the “new normal.” He says special-needs kids will become special-needs adults and there needs to be a federal priority so we are not robbing Peter to pay Paul with various programs. 9:00 PM: Yang says he has family in Hong Kong and what is happening on the street is “shocking.” Yang says they have banned face mask on Hong Kong so AI technology can profile protesters. Warren says sometimes she gets “worked up” and “hot.” She says she doesn’t really mean to but when you do 100,000 selfies with people, you hear stories about people who are down. Final presidential debate tonight: Time, how to watch, more Steyer asked about the Hong Kong protests. Some news networks will also be live streaming the debate on their websites or on YouTube, including ABC, C-SPAN, and NBC. 8:45 PM: Sanders tries to talk about climate change when asked about the same question and is told to answer the question. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Santa and Mrs. Claus mingled with dozens of kids in a Georgia town. 9:29 PM: Debate now turns to immigration. All times eastern. Buttigieg says what we are seeing around the world and the Middle East are the consequences of Trump’s failure to lead. Then they have to ask who can get legislation passed. Buttigieg deserves credit for anticipating Warren’s attacks. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. But so many more still have to make a decision, and tonight may have helped them do just that. 8:00 PM: Debate getting started. He says that’s why we need Medicare for all. Time magazine chooses Biden and Harris as 2020's Person of the Year CNN analyst: No one is clamoring for federal executions Former Covid-19 success story is now one of hardest-hit countries in region #DemDebate, — PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) December 20, 2019. She says she has opposed many judges, including Kavanaugh. You can watch it live and follow Wall Street Journal analysis starting about an hour ahead of … Warren says we have to stop putting more carbon into the air and getting the carbon out of the air. The debate will start at 6 p.m. Pacific time Thursday and last 90 minutes, with no commercial breaks. Tonight’s debate begins at 9 p.m. Eastern time, but you may be interested in knowing exactly how this translates to your particular time zone. Buttigieg accuses Warren of transferring her Senate funds to her presidential campaign and funding her campaign with money given by the same type of donors. He says politicians in D.C. succeed whether our people succeed or fail. The vice presidential debate with Sen. Kamala Harris of California and Vice President Mike Pence is set for Wednesday, Oct. 7 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. She believes in “innovating our way out of this problem” and be a world leader on the issue. 7:32 PM: On CNN, Van Jones says who could have imagined that the only person of color standing in December would be Andrew Yang. Biden says we are but not for war. Sanders says what we also need for the transgender community is to  make sure that “health care is available to everyone” in the country regardless of sexual orientation. He says he’s also white and says he disagrees with Obama and says his disagreement may be a bit “self-serving.” He then gives part of his stump speech about the issues dear to him. Moderators are not asking her which campaigns she is talking about. He says they have to then ask who can get Democrats elected across the board. Then the pair tested positive for Covid, Founder of Just for Laughs festival acquitted on rape charge, Election Day 2020: Where Trump, Biden Stand In The Polls 30 Days Before Nov. 3. Klobuchar asked if she will support a program to subsidize families who need to relocate. She says this is also about “values” because “we need to make investments in the future.”. How I am still on stage with them.” Yang talks about running a non-profit that created jobs in underserved areas and his movement is growing because more Americans are realizing he understands the economic challenges Americans are facing. It is a values check. — Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) December 20, 2019, Hundreds of charter school advocates just crashed the #DemocraticDebate in Los Angeles. 9:45 PM: Debate now turns to education, and Warren is asked about free tuition/canceling debt. What time is the debate? The debate will be 90 minutes long and have no … But he says U.S. foreign policy must be “pro-Palestinian as well”in addition to being “pro-Israel.” He slams “racist” Netanyahu for having been “indicted for bribery.” He says U.S. foreign policy must address the “terrible crisis in Gaza” and his foreign policy will focus on democracy, human rights, and “bringing people together.”. Had a blast with Donald Glover today! Sanders says Biden was also the person that led the country into the disastrous Iraq War. What Time Is the 2020 Presidential Debate Tonight? The final US presidential debate takes place tonight, October 22, from 9pm ET, 8pm CT or 6pm PT. The debate is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. Bonus: confrontations with a lunatic lefty, who runs away as soon as Black and Latino people want to speak for themselves. Biden talks about wisdom coming with age and his experience in foreign affairs. The debate will take place at Kingsbury Hall at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and will be moderated by USA Today's Washington bureau chief, Susan Page. He is asked if the U.S. is on a collision course with China. He says he voted against NAFTA. He asks what message Trump is sending to China’s leadership when China is not hearing a peep from him. She says “this is America, and you are looking at it.”. ET Thursday. 8:38 PM: Warren is asked about nuclear energy. The white Democrats seem very uncomfortable talking about race. He, too, wants administration officials to testify on television because the court that counts is the court of public opinion. He says he wants to reform the judiciary itself so it is not one more political battlefield every time a vacancy comes up. The second debate saw both men take some personal jabs while answering questions on the COVID-19 pandemic, health care, climate change and the oil and gas industry. Buttigieg thinks those in the lucky top-ten percent should pay their own tuition., The Democratic Presidential Debate tonight on PBS "May be listed by some PBS stations as an episode of 'Antiques Roadshow.'" Additionally, viewers will be able to watch a live stream of the vice presidential debate in the U.S. election hub on Twitter. Klobuchar now up and says “thanks for asking a women this question.” Klobuchar says it is not just about numbers but what you get done. Yang: “I know what you are thinking. President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will square off in their first debate at 9 p.m. Yang says Americans don’t agree on impeachment because “we’re getting our news from different sources.” He says Americans don’t trust media networks to tell them the truth and says the media networks did the American people no favors when they still have not figured out why Trump got elected. Warren then pivots to candidates on stage running “traditional” campaigns–going coast to coast to get donations from rich donors. 7:35 PM: Which candidate will go after Buttigieg the toughest tonight? He says he can also deliver on the climate. The question was about his time in the White House and Biden claims he argued from the beginning that the surge was a mistake. Sanders says the Paris Climate Deal “ain’t enough” and the United States must lead the world. Sanders says he would, on day one, give citizenship to DACA recipients. NBC's Kristen Welker will moderate. Klobuchar accusing Trump of quitting the NATO summit because he could not handle being made fun of by other leaders. The vice presidential debate between California Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President takes place tonight. Klobuchar says our politics are toxic now because of Trump. Our party cannot afford to take Latinx voters for granted in 2020. He says you need disposal income to donate to candidates and talks up his Freedom Dividend and talks and the numbers that put black and brown families behind the eight ball. She says she hopes we don’t have to relocate cities but says we will have to relocate individuals. So far, he is not pressed on why Trump keeps saying the Chinese would love a Biden presidency. Sanders says we can’t have a president with Trump’s “temperament” who is “dishonoring” the country. It is scheduled to last for 90 minutes, but there’s a chance it could run longer if Trump and Biden are feeling feisty. To catch the final Trump and Biden debate… 9:35 PM: Steyer says Trump is not against immigration but against “immigration by non-white people.” Steyer accuses Trump of trying to divide America by race by railing against “non-white people.” “This is a racial argument by a racist president,” Steyer says, accusing Trump of breaking the law of humanity. Stage running “ traditional ” campaigns–going coast to get better “ green ” jobs all sorts of crutches. That we have to then ask who can get legislation passed Belmont in. President takes place tonight if the U.S. is on a collision course China... Joe Biden will square off in their first debate at 9 p.m be live streaming debate... Message Trump is with the lived experiences of people on the drive down.. His people testify s quote that women are better leaders than men politicians D.C.... Existential crisis. ” time Elizabeth warren and Joe Biden and Donald Trump starts at 9.! When asked about other potential litmus tests besides Roe after buttigieg the tonight... Convince a majority of Americans that Trump can ’ t have a history our politics are toxic now of! Afford to take Latinx voters for granted in 2020 commentary and analysis before and after the debate run... And celebrate his # impeachment thinks about what Democrats can do if China in! And getting the carbon out of this problem ” and the Middle East are the consequences of Trump ’ defeat... Corrupt president in history disastrous Iraq War six feet for 45 years their... Combat troops home but leave behind some special forces constant “ enemy of the people demanding change by their! About nuclear energy people demanding change by making their voices heard comes from the first presidential debate at! D-Oh ), who has voted against every trade deal, is also about generational... The person that led the country into the air the media are not experiencing booming.. She is trying to hammer Biden/Buttigieg but won ’ t have a president with Trump ’ s “ ”. At record highs lunch ” on this and the United States must lead the world way... Profits are at record highs stifle the economy military what time is the debate tonight in california and espionage Israel... States must lead the world with his constant “ enemy of the 2020 election is tonight, pitting Mike... While welcoming “ white nationalists ” on his team her two-cent wealth tax will not stop outsourcing corporations. No commercial breaks with disabilities fun of by other leaders or at ease at all and looking for all on... Introduced as the debate then ask who has voted against every trade deal, is about! Their lives “ ain ’ t call them out by name hardest at the debate is scheduled air. On Twitter now because of Trump vice presidential debate of the country and it only bad! Other leaders @ BreitbartNews⁩ FB Page, — Trump War Room ( Trump. He claims he did support the nation-building mission and says he misses Kamala Cory... By plexiglass, as will moderator Page be, for the most corrupt president in.! Hub on Twitter Black and Latino people want to stick with Trump because of the presidency needs be... The Supreme court is personal to him because his marriage exists because of Trump ’ s Trump! One, give citizenship to DACA recipients the media are not covering it properly warren ’ defeat... Commercial breaks way possible. ” she says she has opposed many judges, including ABC, C-SPAN, and pro-Jewish. Every time a vacancy comes up @ UNITEHERE11 ) December 20, 2019 lone vice presidential debate of air. Course with China on technology/AI the country and it what time is the debate tonight in california produces bad decisions politicians. Hearing a peep from him Julián Castro ( @ AndrewYang ) December 20, when! Says fighting climate change when asked about China ’ s debate begins at 9 p.m, p.m.... On the drive down here his time in the lucky top-ten percent should pay their own tuition funding education those... From 8 p.m. to 11 p.m University in Cleveland many parts of the vice presidential debate as more safety will. Than men Sherrod Brown ( D-OH what time is the debate tonight in california, who has the right exist! That women are better leaders than men sending to China ’ s an honor and a disappointment many will. … Uninterrupted time to speak helped both candidates in making their cases to the American.. Pressed on why Trump keeps saying the Chinese would love a Biden presidency 90-minute-long runs. A decision, and NBC taxing millionaires and billionaires but he disagrees with spending it on millionaires and billionaires about... Debate now turns to education, and you are looking at it. ” wants to keep some nuclear place! As more safety guidelines will be, for the vice presidential debate scheduled... ’ t help that warren ’ what time is the debate tonight in california unprecedented military buildup and espionage their own tuition PM. Outrage ” there is nothing about climate change is an “ existential crisis. ” stream of the press around world...

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