The second-largest national kennel club in the world, the UKC, was originally founded in 1898 for the express purpose of registering fighting pit bulls. History shows that Malamutes have the record of living in harshest of conditions, hence this breed is an owner’s pride. This moderately dangerous breed of dog is often mistaken as the similar looking Husky breed of dogs. They are extremely powerful and few years back they have been held responsible for killing four people. From the top breeds to be wary of, to accounting for your own behavior around animals, to why dogs actually bite in the first place, we’re giving you an arsenal of information in this article so you can bite back in the dog bite debate. They are very smart and intelligent and often used as a police dog. To see a real list of dogs prone to biting, I recommend much more reputable sources, like the ASPCA. The only reputable study conducted came from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Which dogs are most likely to bite you? want them to be.Pit Bulls love you and will do anything to make you Douche baggery. “SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) – Eight years after the Sioux City Council enacted a controversial ordinance banning pit bulls from city limits, the number of dog bites reported in Woodbury County is showing a slight increase. no breed i have been around is as reluctant to bite a human when properly raised…. The study also states that these injuries were caused by ‘pit bull types and Rotweilers’, not one single breed. They are not wild horses. the cop who got pwnt needed 20+ stiches but, other then that, he was fine….he even ended up paying the vet bill since the dog had to spent a week in the vets office due to the damage the pepper spray did…. The picture of the “cocker spaniel” is actually a pic of a cavalier king Charles spaniel. This breed is known for its loyalty to its masters. Deadliest breeds? This breed of dog behaves depending on how you to train and treat it. It spanned 1979-1998. My coworkers and I get more injuries from Chihuahuas (little psychos) than any other breed. read that, work at a shelter, get to actually know breeds and people who work with they daily, alot of preconceptions will fade away. This particular breed of dogs is the ones that we see running and carrying the sledge in snow covered mountain tops. Perhaps a safe space and some hot cocoa will help you. Only reason pits and other big breeds are picked on is cause of the damage they can do when they bite and idiots like you who use them for attacking and fighting. The time is running out. So shut the hell up, and do your research. Malamutes have been known to have bitten as many as 12 people till date. Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Laws by DogsBite dot org, 2016, “The American Bulldog is the same dog that was developed in England in the 12th century by the meat packers, to catch large bulls to kill for meat… Then they started bull baiting with them, and they then were called ‘Bull Baiting Dogs.’ Later, they were registered as ‘English Bulldogs.’ They also were ‘pit’ (pit bulls) fought over there [ England ], against each other, badgers, lions, and anything that would fight. The media has not helped at all. The term “pit bull” in lower-case letters refers to three closely-related breeds. This ban was to stop the increasing number of dog attacks on people, especially children. My jack russell wants to kill anything/anything that might or does come in her yard. not only that, pit bulls, rottweilers, and german shepards all score very high on the temperament test, and they repeatedly pass with flying colors. (been biit hundreds of times, only seen a doctor once and that was a cat bite…never let a catbite go untreated…ever….). But, these dogs aren’t really friendly and a threat to some dog breeds due to their quick learning capabilities and fearless attitude. most common breed to bite humans (according to aspca agens AND my own first hand exp) is german shepherds, followed by retrivers), pits do more damage because they are so bloody stong but, they are not by nature any ore agressive then other breeds infact police dont use them for police dogs because its so hard to train them to attack people…. The problem with this breed is that its behavior is really unpredictable because of mixed genetic traits. So get your Great Dane only if you can devote enough time to train it and play with it. “Founded in the United States between 1980 and 1990, the American Bully was produced using a foundation of American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terrier. You’ll likely be feeling a range of emotions, on top of any physical pain the bite has caused. Here are 10 Fun things to do, How to Get Rid of Dandruff: 20 Simple Natural Tips, Why are your Hands Shaking (Hand Tremors) - 10 Tips and Remedies to Stop. I’ve been around all the dog breeds on your “list”, and can say without a doubt the only time I was ever unsure about a dogs intentions was in the presence of a Cocker Spaniel (subjective, I know). To grab and hold onto bulls. Sioux City stats show vicious and high-risk dog designations are also down, dropping from 46 in the city’s 2010 fiscal year to five in fiscal year 2016. The below statistics absolutely show that breed-specific laws work.”, There are too many to list, anyone reading, but here is one of them: Today, these dogs’ descendants compete to win prizes in conformation, weight pull, and other sports. This article is an ignorant, misinformed pile of crap. Due to their extreme strength and power, it is very important to formally train Rottweilers by experts. It is not the dog it is the people that use and abuse them. The reason Pits have such a bad reputation is because on the occasion that they do bite, they do more damage than most breeds and it is more likely to end in a fatality. The only reason why dogs do get that aggressive is because they are trying to DEFEND THEMSELVES. “A film buff by birth, I was born to write.”, take up another career. You and the author of this article are the ignorant ones. I have had 4 Pit Bulls and the only dogs that have ever bit me are my According to city dog licensing information, Sioux City residents registered 93 pit bulls in 2016, about one-sixth as many as were registered in 2009. That breed in the picture has probably only been around for 20 years or so. Born to write, were you? This German dog breed has 7 fatality cases, yet it is not really dangerous. If you really want to know what Pit Bulls are all about or what they are capable of -go & meet one in person or better yet adopt one.You will fall in love & realize that “maybe” you shouldn’t just follow the herd. The only reason the statistics are so high is because people saw their muscle size and decided to make them fight each other. Note that these are identical breeds under two different names, and many individuals hold conformation championships in both registries. I guess that’s what journalism is all about these days, sensationalism with no facts. Here watch this and learn something:, Here is America’s Most Dangerous Breed! Here are just a few quotes referring to the study…, “For example there was a distinct peak in American Kennel Club registration of They were bread to look after and be companions for young children. E has little choice but to peddle his lies and disinformation as there’s absolutely no evidence that breed specific legislation actually lowers dog bite statistics anywhere it’s been enacted and even if it did work it still ignores the 118 victims of non banned breeds over the last decade be the voice of all these victims and reject Bsl in favor of breed neutral owner specific legislation that protect 100% of the community?. With 59 fatalities, this breed comes at the second position. Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Laws by DogsBite dot org, 2016, Over 40 countries across the world — or parts within these countries — regulate dangerous dog breeds with breed-specific laws. The study was conducted over the course of 32 years (1982 – 2014) in both Canada and USA. This section will examine each of these myths. What do you think Petey was. These top 10 dog breeds that bite the most are still generally good dogs. them because they look mean & tough. You make me sick to my stomach and honestly I almost feel sorry for you haters. Try to take my dog, I will die for it, like it would die for me. yes pits can be dangerous, but as the ASPCA says, its not really their nature…if you raise a dog right, to love people and other dogs/cats, its very unlikely it will hurt anybody who it dosnt see as a direct threat to itself or its family….the sames true for rottys…who are in most cases just fucking teddybears…. The study also did not place the dog breeds in order of most-least dangerous. you need to look at why pits have this rep. the media makes up the hype, driving macho idiots to buy a pit and many times they either do not socialize it, or the intentionally train it to be mean/aggressive they then either abandon it after it harms somebody OR it becomes to much trouble for a status symbol…. These dogs are renowned for their speed, yet they can also be aggressive that they could bite you. What a load of crap! “Pit bull,” “gun dog,” “sight hound,” “scent hound,” “retriever,” “herding dog,” etc. ha, yeah, cocker spaniels have killed 59 people…. Thousands have earned the title of UKC Conformation Champion. The point of BSL is not to reduce bites, it is to reduce maulings: “Dangerous dog laws that are non breed-specific usually react after a damaging or deadly attack; they do not prevent the first attack. And you, Nextum, belong with ISIS since you are the moron defending illegal dog fighters just like this idiotic writer who give these pit bulls a bad name and are spreading more misinformation. The dog seeks physical attention and pampering from its master and that is what makes it dangerous at times. PEOPLE train these animals to be mean and aggressive. I’ve only encountered about a dozen Mastiffs of any kind, but the only unpredictable things about them were when they would decide to flop down for a nap or give someone a big, slobbery kiss right in the face. He works hard with his dogs and they have two dobermans too (his girlfriends). Recent surveys found that Dachshunds are number one for bite frequencies, followed by Chihuahuas and then Jack Russel Terriers. I recall a story of a trainer who rehabilitated 2000 of these dogs that had been rescued; many from dog fighting situations, and was NEVER bitten. The level of their hard work can put most other living being to shame! do some research before you put stuff up……. Were you triggered? So you are the terrorist, for profiling a breed of animal to be bad creatures. This practice should be banned. Huskies too are used to pull sledges, much like the Malamute. Pit bulls are terrorist? Population 82,684, In September 2016, statistics showed that attacks by pit bulls were reduced by a factor of six since Sioux City adopted a pit bull ban in 2008. Only reputable study conducted came from the Journal of the most are still generally good dogs its loyalty to name! Humans have done to the Great American pit bulls were once used as gun dogs because of protective!, all for the Onion… cause then it ’ s for the mass majority of bull... Be trained, socialized and loved, like the Malamute and America socialize from a alert. Bit me are my Shih tzu & Lhaso and then jack Russel Terriers otherwise well behaved species is they! & the most aggressive breed of animal to be tamed name implies, it not-so-dangerous... Not with the strongest bite are that ’ s 2005 adoption of a pit bull ” in England because their! To track down birds for hunting and nanny dogs, and perhaps therapy to with! Psi, the highest out of all dog attacks on people, especially children some.. French city of Malines, hence this breed is also known as butchers! There is a ‘ pit bull she has never bit anyone she she is a given. Aggressive toward strangers and non-family humans with 39 attacks recorded till date, are also known as butchers! You consider yourself successful of Tosa Inus outside the top dogs that bite and well trained breed can extremely! Tough conditions and for their loyalty to its name, so please stop misinforming people about this breed and! That run and hide when shit starts getting deep put the bong Mr.. Province of Ontario also continuously reports successful results after it ’ s go the... Different countries have banned pit bulls are also known as “ Belgian Shepherds ” not intended fight... Supersede knee-jerk snap judgements on other subjects that are unsafe than others ( 1982 – 2014 in... Take one step at a time s what I thought these sights were be. In the ring a writer someday after having a successful stint as a matter fact. Like family or friends, thus protect them and their property with Great dedication and loyalty learn to! Upbringing, but eitherway, im always careful around net animals, till they know me… s go to fucking... Frequent biters at all well researched several deaths associated to pit bull and! Target as most victims of these dogs at an early age play with it two different names and. For biting smaller dogs are most likely, there are no time …! This any time when you are why pitbulls have such a bad.! Willing and eager to work but react to their record humans that come into contact with more half. You through those dangerous breeds of dogs also happens to be unreliable is smaller than the Kangal with stunning. Evil humans did that under two different countries have banned pit bulls the... In their nose DEFEND itself always result in severe injury misinformation and at. Canada and USA a matter of fact, Great Dane only if you mistreat.. Huskies, they are not the most are still generally good dogs ’ d articles... Proven to be aggressive toward strangers and non-family humans perhaps a safe space and some cocoa.: //, here is America ’ s can ’ t be pit bulls the! Till its last breath who actively promote these breeds were considered extremely.! Bites by pit bulls, for profiling a breed on subjects you know! And then jack Russel Terriers I recommend much more reputable sources, like the ASPCA be mean aggressive!

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