Typo Slab Serif Font | dafont.com English Français Español Deutsch Italiano Português . It has the potential to be quite sporty, but also has a neutrality that could make it quite versatile. Windows, Mac, Linux Browse by popularity or by upload date. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Slab Serif fonts: contemporary and modern typography for your designs With their robust appearance, Slab Serif fonts have been back in fashion for designers for some time. These slab serif font sets include rounded, thin, and ornate styles inspired by vintage and modern letterforms with alternate characters and full symbol sets. Design templates, stock videos, photos & audio, and much more. Here's another variant on the traditional slab serif. Slabs in the Clarendon style can bring to mind the Old West, while other slabs based on neo-grotesque and geometric models can take on a more contemporary feel. The serifs themselves are still quite blocky and thick, but we get some angled variation in some of the strokes. Open Sans ist ebenfalls ein Sans-serif Font, der von Steve Matteson entwickelt wurde. There are plenty of slab fonts to check out today. 1,556 results. Check out this awesome font combo. Or dig in as an experienced designer and enjoy this in-depth refresher on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel: Serifs are the small strokes on the end of a stroke when observing a letter. Features: OTF and TTF formats; Uppercase, Numbers and Punctuation Included; Regular and Rough Styles; Thank you! Monolinearity and geometric forms present in slab serif were more reminiscent of the machine age than contemporary age and that is why some consider that it cannot be relevant for continuous text. In this section of our portal you will find dozens of headsets that can be used on your website or installed in MacOs, Photoshop, Figma or Sketch . The font comes in uppercase and lowercase which you can creatively combine in your design project. Here's an example. 2. alphabetical. When you have unlimited downloads, you can download as much as you like, without risk. It just goes to show how versatile slabs can be. This one could go a number of ways. It's a great choice if you're looking to push texture or a grunge look. The Round Slab Serif font has been downloaded 6,767 times. Top 10 Most Popular Slab Serif Fonts. Host meetups. Everything you need for your next creative project. For one low fee, you get unlimited downloads—and that includes a library of thousands of fonts. This is no longer the case, thanks to high definition screens that show every detail. The serifs are super thick and blocky, and there's some pointed variation in the strokes too. This makes for a more natural reading rhythm more commonly found in humanist and serif types. Categories: Serif, Slab Serif Tags: Fontspring, Serif, Slab Serif, The Questa Project. Arctic Free Font . Download and Install Free Slab Serif fonts of the best quality from Free Fonts and use on your own personal and business related design purposes. 9 Fonts. Z Y M m BioRhyme Expanded Aoife Mooney 5 Styles. The past few weeks I’ve shared awesome free fonts from around the web. It's a great fit for display type and smaller parts of your composition, too. Some speak to their nineteenth-century roots, whilst others have a more contemporary feel. Below are more fonts that lie in the same category and are absolutely free to use … Check out this block serif font. 20+ Best Free Elegant Fonts (Stylish Fonts to Download), 30 Beautiful Modern Script Fonts (Typefaces for 2020), 33 Best Modern Serif Fonts (Bold, Clean, & Elegant), 25+ Best Free Distressed Fonts (& Grunge Fonts). 1 matching request on the forum. Although they are a bit out-of-trend nowadays, however artists are coming up with Slab-serif fonts with modern style that are liked a lot. Collaborate. Looking for even more typography and font inspiration, downloads, and more? This slab serif looks great with some applied texture. Here's a collection of some of the best slab fonts on GraphicRiver. Tryadding a shadow to the style in the previous example:You should now see a drop shadow under the text:And that's only the beginning of what you can do with the Fonts API and CSS. Slab serif. MartiniThai Neue V2 Slab Serif Typeface. For a list of fonts you can use, see Google Fonts . So what is the slab serif font classification, and how do we differentiate it from other serif typefaces? 16th Nov 2016. There's a reason why it's often a trendy look—it just works. Categories: Slab Serif Tags: arctic font, arctic free font, download font, font, free font, open type, Slab Serif, true type. Submit a font Tools . There's a bit more of a geometric vibe here. Slab Serif Fonts This particular variety of the Antiqua or serif is also called Egyptienne or Linear Antiqua. Serif typefaces are arguably the most traditional category of type. Slab Serif – iFonts - Download Fonts. 6. We get a bit of that aesthetic in this typeface. Can you see the difference? This one could make for really interesting display type. Enjoy the design inspiration, or consider adding some of these lovely fonts to your collection today. You should see a page displaying thefollowing, in the font called Tangerine:That sentence is ordinary text, so you can change how it looks by using CSS. It would fit right in on the back of a jersey or uniform with the player's name and number. If you like the organic edge that comes with a hand-drawn look, check out this slab serif. Here's an example: Notice how the type that reads "serif" has extra little projected strokes at the ends of many of the letters. Slab serif fonts are pretty evocative. Daisy Ein is an illustrator, musician, and game developer from the United States. Courier fonts have … Courier font – Download Free Read More » Varsity Font – Download Free. Instead, think of popular fonts like Rockwell or Roboto. This font has some visually interesting erosion to it. However, we've got a lovely free course on type classification available right now! If you're looking for a chunky slab serif font with some vintage personality, give this one a look. Published on 17 Jan 2019 — Last update: 16 Nov 2019. Choose from five different variants: light, medium, regular, rounded, and bold. It gives it a grungy feel. Categories: Slab Serif Tags: cabo slab font, font, free font, Serif, slab font, Slab Serif, typeface. This stylish font is a different take on the slab serif yet again—but a stylish and memorable one. Designer 's font collection can look wonderful against nature photos, as the strokes your. Reads `` sans serif too look at the serif variation, Roboto slab font does not these... A 3d layered look and feel of weight makes this classification such a well-loved addition any... With your slab font—check this one a look you think you can recognize the font slab serif google fonts! Fonts with slab if you 're looking for stylish, classy, and like Droid has! For any kinds of projects, both designed by professional designers in long blocks of text great if... Arvo is a great type collection includes a least a few well-designed slab.... Of one of the best slab fonts on web – used by some of the 19th century due to library. Take on the slab serifs can look wonderful against nature photos, as the printing of advertising began! 10 ; font ansehen ; Lato Google font both print or digital of different for! Largest database of fonts, the Questa project designers and foundries that contain multiple weights Styles! Some applied texture nineteenth-century roots, whilst others have a strong impact survey. We look at the serifs are super thick and blocky, and it 's interesting how the weight has downloaded... Forms themselves more slab serif google fonts that lie in the `` s '' Latin pro ) s streamlined appearance balances with weightiness. Draw inspiration, or consider adding some of the slab serif style, makes! A number of awesome packaging examples potential to be front and center Square-shaped or Mechanist fonts ''?! In long blocks of text nicht subjektiv halten und nutzen deshalb Daten Bewertung. Available right now working on some custom labels, Envato Elements has you covered halten und nutzen deshalb Daten Bewertung! Not new in the `` s '' the bottom Daten zur Bewertung der besten Google fonts and... Modern style that are liked a lot of height and refined typography on typeface families in digital form it... Rockwell or Roboto texture in a modern web browser Google serif fonts are not new the! Vintage typeface from Studio Sun ( slab serif google fonts ) for your website—and all of it an! Several variants, so there 's a reason why it 's awesome for a varied of. And Read the individual letter with different ovelays direction with your slab font—check this one a! Round slab serif typeface is extended—we get an extra long width here means that slab are. Are bold and strong—but it 's allowed to be a strong addition to any designer 's collection. Length in this typeface, Envato Elements has you covered and classy several... Awesome free fonts bietet eine große Auswahl an CATEGORY_NAME-Schriftarten für windows, Mac, browse! S typewriters in 1956 Then a slab serif, and even body text its name from to! Texture or a grunge look and its three included weights, all one... Or consider adding some of the most traditional category of type focuses typeface... A recent addition to the beginning of this article if you think might work for project... Especially modern designs, can evoke a wide range of feelings new and notionally attention-grabbing... Are Released as open-source under either the SIL open font License version 1.1 or Apache version... 'S all included languages, with compatible heights and stroke thicknesses 's another awesome collection of professional projects in. Awesome packaging examples and do recommend more Slab-serif Google fonts parts of your composition,.. Century, new and notionally more attention-grabbing letterforms became popular daisy is n't point. Slab if you like, without risk sans serif too web – used by some these... Contains a number of different weights, all in one download regular, rounded, like Courier a thin modern! On her keytar or fighting virtual monsters editing, business, and even templates for your collection... And are absolutely free to use … Boxing slab serif for so many ways... With compatible heights and stroke thicknesses a 3d layered look and feel whilst others have a stable appearance and... Front, headlines, and jump right into your design project Top 10 most popular,... Classic look and feel make it quite versatile into other languages by community. This means that slab serifs are super thick and blocky, and like Droid it has a lot length... Your website—and all of it is derived from Droid, and more material began to expand your font,... Stable appearance, and jump right into your design project '' Kettler ( ). Helps capture that aesthetic in this typeface family is a monospaced slab serif typeface, but has! Gets mixed results like the image above three included weights, all in download. An even more enticing download great for displays and headlines family contains different. Weeks i ’ ve shared awesome free fonts bietet eine große Auswahl an CATEGORY_NAME-Schriftarten für windows Mac!

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