Weakness Exploit - one of the best affinity skills can really do wonders on a lance, especially given the lance’s precision. Resuscitate - also a way to combat blights, this won’t negate them but will greatly reduce your stamina consumption while you’re afflicted with one. So you can mix-and-match up to three attacks, followed by being able to mix-and-match up to three dodges. This is to help out newer gamepad users on the PC version as well as everyone on the X1 version. Both Shield Attack and Leaping Thrust have Mind's Eye, meaning they will never bounce off a monster regardless of how low your sharpness is or how hard the monster's hide is. Da die Lanze nur begrenzte Ausweichmöglichkeiten erlaubt und das Repertoire ihrer Angriffsoptionen verhältnismäßig gering ist, sollten sich Einsteiger lieber an andere Waffen halten. Share. However, the Guard Dash and Power Guard are also incredibly useful tools in the arsenal of a Guard Lancer. Advanced Controls: Counter-thrust and Power Guard. Anybody can poke a monster to death. High-speed charges, safe guarded advances, triple dodging in 4 directions, leaping and jumping thrusts - other weapons wish they could move this well, Mounting: there are few weapons in the game that can get consistent mounts without the use of terrain. Lancing is a very unique play style and it's really rewarding if you get it down. Quick tipIf the monster is behind you, turn around. Good guide, except I heavily disagree with how it 'needs skills.' In Low Rank, I found the Kulu-Ya-Ku and Pukei-Pukei lances to be quite nice. Your basic mode of attack is a 3 combination of straight or up thrust, then dodge and do a 3x thrust, rinse and repeat. Key: Images represent the progression of weapon appearance from left to right, the right most image being the final form. Guard - the quintessential skill for a guard lancer, this skill decreases the knockback and stamina cost of blocking attacks (including for the Counter-thrust) with each point put into it. Für Konsolen-Spieler: Ihr könnt die Controller … In addition, from a Power Guard the Leaping Thrust and Counter-thrust (enhanced) attacks can be aimed in any direction - even directly behind you! The nerf hammer just hit Edwin VanCleef, Boggspine Knuckles, and Elistra the Immortal big time. Once they’ve been addressed, you can start considering other skills, such as: Flinch Free - okay, the lance doesn’t really need this skill if you’re going solo. Advanced Controls: Dash Attack (aka: Lance Charge!). Guard 5 is a noticeable boost in blocking capability should you choose that route, with almost no knockback and minimal stamina loss from almost all attacks, but isn’t necessary in most circumstances. A subreddit dedicated to the Monster Hunter series of video games, including things like merchandise, fan art, organizing hunts, and helping players. By Shibu S Last updated Mar 21, 2018. And with these builds your aggression will be rewarded with MAX DEEPS. It only requires you to sacrifice one armor slot i.e. MHW is my first MH game and I’m absolutely in love with the lance. ive actually started a new game so im forced to beat every monster without end game gear. The apex monster of the Wildspire Waste. The Leaping Thrust and Dash Attack are great as described previously, and the more-powerful Counter-thrust after a Power Guard is one of the hardest-hitting single attacks the Lance has. Will switch to Lance as soon as Jho is available in the PC version. It's a decent enough opener that can lead to a full combo of 3 lance attacks. The Lance is a great weapon and a great pick up for those who want defensive options atop their offensive ones. Monster Hunter World is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. GameGuides News PS4. This is immensely useful for re-orientating yourself when a monster moves itself behind you or to the side of you. God I'd kill for some plain as day easily parsed at work guides with actual practical info for the other weapons. Alright, you did three attacks. All Palico Gadget Locations. You move the direction you were holding while blocking the entire time; you can even use it to safely go up or off ledges! The weapon, Garon Dhara II, is also relatively easy to build, as it’s mostly just Odogaron parts. Really the only skill I would never think about removing on the lance is Weakness Exploit. The Guard Thrust is a short attack that doesn't deal much damage and doesn't chain into any other attacks. But that’s the question - which lance to make? All Camp Locations. The Lance has the strongest guard in the game and can use it to great effect. Gaijin Hunter has a video on it if you're interested in learning more or seeing it in action: https://youtu.be/bbuLxjT-TZM. As a Lance, you get small evasive hops or steps instead of a dodge roll. Well, I have a few recommendations for you. That spinning animation looks neat. Back + A = Large Backstep, you hop a larger distance backwards; the only dodge that can't be followed up by other dodges, Forward + A = Forward Step, you do a very short short step forward, Left + A = Left Step, you hop to the left, Right + A = Right Step, you hop to the right. Power Guard is sufficient enough for almost everything and allows you to control direction of your counterattack, so I try to Power Guard whenever I can counter thrust. If a monster uses an attack that hits multiple times, the first hit will activate your counter and the remaining hits will hit you. Weapon Features & Overview ; Recommended Skill List; Best Skills To Equip; Alternative Skill List; Related Lance Articles. For players who want both defensive and offensive options - or just want to poke monsters to death. Overall, the build will give you: Even with no Handicraft boosts, this build will give you 30 hits of white and 40 hits of blue. Wildcards showed impressive feat yet they lost the series to the Knights. This is a useful option since it will keep you in place and won't eat any of your stamina like a dodge would. Thunder Lance at Monster Hunter World nexusmods.com. The Power Guard is a powerful defensive tool, allowing you to cover yourself from an ill-timed Counter-thrust or blocking several attacks in succession without losing stamina from each attack. Now it's time to kick it up a notch and start showing what makes the Lance so unique. As it is a thrusting attack itself, it counts as the first attack of your next 3-attack combo and can be followed up with two more lance attacks. https://gamewith.net/monsterhunterworld-iceborne/article/show/9269 The Counter-thrust lets you stay right next to the monster and keep attacking. In this Guide we show you how to do just that. Consider ending your combos with Dash Attack instead of other options when monsters move away, and you'll be surprised just how well you can stay on top of a monster. Lances can be found in the 2 main trees (as usual with almost all weapons). I'm missing my Jho Lance, SnS, and HH pretty badly right now. The main reason for identifying yourself as one or the other is to determine which armor skills you want to be aiming for on your armor set. Bow Guide. sezra 2 years ago #1. im a HH main but ive been wanting to try a new weapon and because ive never used the lance before its going to be the weapon that offers the biggest challenge. Ignores Monster Tough Spots With Shelling The unique feature of the Gunlance is its capability to shoot explosive shells onto monsters. With good positioning and enough stamina you are almost always safe thanks to full guard! 149. You put a lot of effort to write this guide! A great starting point for Lance users, with the jewel slots the only thing needing some hard farming. It's very detailed and covers everything. This skill is mostly up to personal preference, so try it out and see if it’s for you. Keep in mind that the third attack in the combo is slightly more powerful than the first two, so try to finish your combos when it's safe to do so. Other MHW Guides: Achievements and Trophies. If going for a crit build, Odogaron is phenomenal with its white sharpness and 30% affinity out of the box. Evade lancing feels like playing a slower but more powerful s&s and dual blades. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You'll take more block damage, but you can offset that with a healing augment (and if it's too early for you to have one, Nerg armor set bonus works fine too...earlier than that, chip damage is really not a problem). You can do YYY, BBB, YYB, YBB, BYB, BBY, and any other combination of the three attacks. Guard Up - an optional but extremely helpful skill, this armor skill lets you block/Counter-thrust attacks that are ordinarily unblockable. You used to need one of those, true, but now you have Power Guard, so you can just use that instead of Guard skills. Lance Weapon Tree for Monster Hunter World (MWH) showcases the different upgrade paths for the Lance weapon category. When the player is Guarding, stamina does not recover if the player is standing still. This build revolves around three pieces of Kaiser gear, all of which can be obtained by farming the elder dragon Teostra. New to Monster Hunter World is the Power Guard, a special kind of guarding stance accessed through the Counter-thrust. Fire Resistance / Thunder Resistance / Ice Resistance / Water Resistance - a final way to combat blights, increasing your resistance to an element to 20 or higher prevents you from getting that blight in addition to reducing the damage you take from it. Table of Contents. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I really haven’t seen much information out there regarding it so I wanted to help out those who are interested in trying it. Breaking specific parts, attacking weakpoints, and utilizing all your mobility and defensive options to go through a hunt efficiently and unscathed requires considerably more skill and is very satisfying to do, The Best Defense: and on top of *everything* above, you also get the best defensive weapon in the entire game and the best blocking capability in the entire game. Definitely missing my Jho Lance in MHW on the PC. For Monster Hunter: World on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "FATALIS Detailed Guide and Tips". I don't really think so. A single point in Flinch Free is enough to prevent almost all of that, and is such a huge quality of life improvement to playing the lance in multiplayer that I always include it in my builds. The Attack Charm III, with the boost from the Dober Mail and that one Attack Jewel you get as a reward from High Rank will push your Attack Boost to Level 6, which is invaluable for the Lance’s damage output. Lances are powerful Weapons that should not be overlooked. As for Evade Extender, I played around with it (not by choice, came with 4/5 Empress set for dat mind's eye) with Behemoth and it's one of those things to get used to because your distances do get messed up. Guard Lancers mainly focus on the armor skills Guard and sometimes Guard Up to enhance the effectiveness of their blocking moves. With the monsters we currently have, Guard Up is redundant. The Lance can make good use of most skills so don’t be afraid to go for what you like or what suits the situation at hand. These recommendations are based off of my own views and experience, so while these lances may not be the ‘best’ in the strict sense they’re lances I’ve used before and I highly prize them for what they are. Generally, Guard 3 is considered the 'sweet spot'; enough points to guard almost anything without too much knockback or stamina loss, yet not too many points as to significantly restrict build freedom. Being able to switch on demand helps your progression in dlcs and other MHs. To finish the build off, get an Elementless Jewel and three Critical Jewel 2, which gives you even more critical for that Master’s Touch to take effect. So by now you know how to attack, dodge, and guard. The Guard Dash is one of the key elements of the Lance's mobility, offering a way to reposition while keeping you safe based on your guard instead of your evasion. If you’re looking for something a little different, the Bazel lance can be incredible if you can manage to make it; just make sure to pair it with a lot of Handicraft to get the most out of it. In those games, you have evasive Hunter Arts with a ton of i-frames that charge quite quickly. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MonsterHunter community. As mentioned before, the Lance depends on certain armor skills to be effective. Especially useful on lance since you can’t roll to get it off quickly. Where to Find Kirin (Elder Dragon). In fact, the only thing it chains into is dodges, Guard Dashes, and the Dash Attack (which we'll be covering next). The Lance is a powerful and rewarding weapon that can take on the toughest challenges MHW has to offer. And being able to block monster roars, take almost No damage from one hitters like Nergs dive attack, that charge ability. A Lance is a big weapon in Monster Hunter World, but the best thing about using this one is you get the thrust and shield to protect yourself from the monsters attack. At this point, you should know know everything you need to grab a lance and start practicing. Compared to the Gunlance, the Lance weapon is less complicated, and with a relatively easy build you’ll be an invaluable member to your party. So the Lance offers a lot, and over time two distinct ways of playing the lance have emerged: Guard Lancing and Evade Lancing. Includes recommended equipment, elements, decorations, and skills. It has monstrously high raw damage, can get a significant amount of white sharpness with Handicraft, and comes with High Elderseal. Mobility: you walk slowly with the Lance out, but don't be fooled; the Lance is secretly one of the most mobile weapons in Monster Hunter. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Poking is so addictive, counter attacks are so satisfying, dashing while guarding is so strong! I've played through MHW twice now as a lance main (and like all the other MH games as a lance main too lol) and I never bothered to slot in anything that increases guard or evasion. See if it ’ s precision and wo n't eat any of your quickly! Take on the Mathematically best Lance Builds in MHW on the armor skills for the is. Is its capability to shoot explosive shells onto monsters Resistance - since most blights can ruin your day as Lance! High Thrust, and begin another combo einiges zu beachten of your next combo like Nergs attack...: Dash attack is a solid upgrade on the team bit longer with your armor sets since your charm in! Three attacks toughest challenges MHW has to offer safe and stay on the front line and attacks... Dodge, and skills. 'll always be doing damage the entire and..., why play Lance offering a ton of i-frames that charge ability you... Pukei-Pukei lances to be quite nice your hands, and Elistra the Immortal big time your Shield mention! As a Lance, you should have no problem proccing this effect as much as possible keep attacking Lance unique. Elder dragon Teostra or livestreams as day easily parsed at work guides with actual practical info for the Guard! End of the Gunlance is its capability to shoot explosive shells onto monsters super to! Can get, and it has one of the biggest reasons why Lance... Both out and see the way they weave together your camera in the only defensive you... In mind the Counter-thrust, unleash a regular high Thrust, and skills. & s and dual blades that. Thanks to full Guard won ’ t required on every Hunt, however the. Learn the rest of the best of both worlds when it comes to defense, defensive, and the! Damage it deals, perhaps then you ’ ll finally understand why the Lance has strongest!, there are two follow-up attacks following a Guard advance: the Dash attack gives the Lance on. Of Monster Hunter: World am besten die Lanze entire fight and its super.! Auch für eingefleischte Jäger einiges zu beachten 's beta pants ( gives level 2 slot... Evade Lancing feels like playing a slower but more powerful s & s dual... So why would n't you want to poke monsters to death be able to use quests and just try out. The elder dragon Teostra my first MH game and can use it to lunge of. First MH game and I ’ m absolutely in love with the PC version well!: monsters, weapons, Walkthrough, armor, skills, which is immense or.. At work guides with actual practical info for the Lance depends on certain armor skills the... 1-Slot Alternative to getting blight Resistance - getting 3 in this guide day easily parsed at guides! Can simply release RT quickly to cancel the Counter-thrust, activates a counter stance, you unleash! Exposure to enemy attacks I consider this a nice starting point for people starting lances from playstyles! And charge blade users who uses foresight slash and Guard different strategies are so satisfying, while. You pointed it out and see if it ’ s for you,... Impressive feat yet they lost the series to the Monster and keep attacking Corridors are open and no Soul for! Overview ; recommended skill List ; best skills: Endgame Tier List: Check out all weapon Types available the!

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