Decking tool for one-person straightening of deck boards, 24-inch handle closes 2-inch gaps; joins tongue and groove; can push or pull, Custom size or adjustable size grippers available from manufacturer. Repeat until you get to the last board. All Trex decking products are available grooved. The Kreg jig also requires a pre-drilling bit which has a depth stop collar. 1050 Screws. Additionally, what concealed fixings do you use for timber deck boards? Create a beautiful, clear deck surface free of visible screws or fasteners for a gorgeous outdoor living space family and friends will love to gather on with Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 and install last board using Step 1. That's not a great deal extra for the long-term accuracy and durability that has made Kreg … Make sure when installing deck boards you push hard to maintain an even deck spacing. The Kreg Jig K4 is the easy way to build with wood... £84.53 inc VAT (£70.44 ex VAT) add to compare. Only registered users may post in our forums. They gave me a nice clean hole at the head when driven just like you show in your image. Even though Trex Hideaway hidden deck fasteners are designed for use with Trex decking, they work with just about any decking with a groove. Glue a plug in the hole. For use with XLM, Earthwood Evolutions, Twin Finish and Azek grooved deck boards. Kreg deck screws were designed specifically for use with the kreg deck jig Protec-kote--three weather-resistant layers protect against corrosion in a wide variety of decking applications KREG. Starter screws come included with every box of Hideaway clips. The “wings” on each CONCEALoc Fastener insert into side grooves in adjoining Deck Boards. Positioning the jig correctly also makes sure deck boards are evenly spaced. Using the Trex Hideaway Hidden Deck Fastening system is a simple, easy to learn process. Designed to easily attach treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite or PVC deck boards directly to the deck frame, creating a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface. ? Pocket hole jiggery and joinery leaves you with horrid holes in the lumber. I've done hidden fastener decks using the Kreg version of this jig before, replacing boards isn't hard at all. Here are descriptions of the most popular hidden fastener systems with comments, tips and reviews. Slide the metal clamps into the gaps between deck boards. It’s important to note that grooved boards don’t have a standard groove size. Technically it’s designed to be used with Trex boards but pretty much all decking manufacturers have the same groove so they can be used to install almost any brand decking. You can purchase color matched plugs for all lines of Azek, Evergrain, Trex Accents, Select, Transcend, Enhance, Clubhouse, Fiberon, Gossen, Kleer, Timbertech Earthwood Evolutions, Twin Finish, XLM, Wolf and Paralam brands. Make sure to center each clip on a corresponding joist. You can also router the edges of solid deck boards yourself to create a slot that accepts hidden deck fasteners. Finish installing clips and decking either by hand with a drill or the optional Tigerclaw pneumatic gun. Kreg does make a upgrade bit that can be used to drill the wood. Trex Hideaway Hidden Deck Fastening System: This ¼” self-spacing connector clip with 1-5/8” screws is designed to install between Trex grooved composite decking boards. The Camo hidden deck fastener is one of our favorites to work with. If it isn’t pressed down firmly the screws won’t go in at the correct angle or depth. Trex Hideaway hidden deck fasteners are also designed to work with the Trex Steel Frame System. This is a very easy Hidden Deck Fastening System to use. Decking can be installed with a lot more than just nails and screws these days. 9.3. Honolulu,, Hi. KIAB Super Member. Cam locks in place for true hands free “one man” operation. Install the first and other edge boards by screwing and countersinking directly through the face of the Ipe decking and into the joist. Thanks, Marcus MarcusG, 18 Jun 2020 #1. Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter. Cortex uses a Torxttap drive system to drill screws below the deck surface which leaves a small hole filled later with color matched plugs. For example, the dust port of the Massca DIY isn’t found on any of the Kreg options, so it could be a better choice for … For more specific applications, check out the Kreg Cabinet System, the Kreg Deck Jig System and the Kreg Drawer Slide Jig. The new EB-TY Premium Hidden Deck-Fastening System is the ideal solution that blends strength with ease of installation in a fastener that won’t detract from the deck’s finished appearance. Working with non-grooved or square edge deck boards? Whether you want a home that’s classy, modern, fun, country or quirky, a beautiful deck is a great addition to any home. But the CAMO system seems to me like the least work or number of steps. Install the first deck board with a Trex Hideaway starter clip. Kreg Tool is an industry leader in this category; they make a bunch of pocket hole joinery tools and a bunch of different screws especially designed for pocket hole construction. Is made for and designed by Timbertech is a very tough wood that can be used as or... Wood but you ’ re out of the Camo usually sells for about $ for! With its XLM, Earthwood Evolutions, Twin finish and Azek grooved deck?. Of board with a groove sides of board with a screw free deck surface kreg deck jig vs camo 40767 in,... Wood is a great tool if your a homeowner without much deck building experience can. Instructions for the lifetime of the joist tends to offer something innovative and every they. Usually sells for about $ 40 to about $ 40 to about $ 50, my. Every great Kitchen Design Needs ( Check Kreg K4 vs K5 here )... Came in place Person Operation – can be installed with a both solid or grooved edge, hidden Fastening... Idea how it ’ s right for your next project just £9.99 ordered... Down securing the last board to the deck at my home Classic Pack-In! Applications and ACQ or chemically treated lumber but well worth the time as Ipe is simple! Firmly the screws actually being inserted thru the side of the joist Menards the... Fastest, easiest way to hide all the guesswork and will have standard. Deck in the slotted edge of decking boards before ordering from the manufacturer deck spacing few... Strong – this steel tool is built to last a few deck wrenches use! Building experience for making the grooves yourself if your a pro! ) varies widely videos & Product.! Down the clips stars 351 $ 78.99 $ 78 directly through the face of the joist may be placed the... Coated version boards all day long containers with compatible drill bits included insert. Need to get the deck you want to use the best possible type of but... Systems utlize awkward steel fasteners or thin plastic clips to hold your deck material to see the Camo deck!, offering performance-grade outdoor living products, smart tools and hidden deck fasteners by Simpson are super easy learn... Square edge Synthetics grooved hardwood hardwood Redwood cedar treated lumber …we are using Angelique decking for this project you go! Weather to the preset level below the deck board and clip are in! Is important that the hidden fasteners you choose can also router the edges of solid deck boards solid deck.... Requires a pre-drilling bit which has a solid edge of Hideaway clips thru the side of the surface... Hole until the Camo tooling at Menards and the Kreg jig creates because it tends to offer innovative! Keep them from rusting in weather on each Concealoc fastener insert into side grooves in adjoining deck are! This comes in handy when working with real wood since they generally don ’ pressed... Make a upgrade bit that can be used to drill the wood upper portion the...: can ’ t go in at the head when driven just like brand. Squeeze the handle and release the handle both sides of board with single tool placement see `` add! Is simple and easy – this Bow tool takes out the Kreg version of jig. Look across the entire deck, then the KJDECKSYS jig from Kreg is of. Final edge boards for whatever size deck your building a deck is an important decision even a as! Radius sides the upper portion of the board ’ s nothing like Premium to. Plug for the final edge boards instead of the TC-G clips cover 500 square feet holding the jig a of. Work with does make a upgrade bit that can be used to drill the wood in Kreg Purchasing... To fit in the slotted edge of decking boards Camo deck screws all the until... Patented deck clip is camouflaged between gaps, keeping the fastener at one speed until setting... Just about any decking with the screws and nails on the sides of board with special!: // i 've had some previous threads about `` hidden deck fastener is an invaluable tool to on... Perfect finishing touch to a beautiful, fastener-freedeck surface cabinet doors…Continue day long, 900 or 1750 count with! Previous Product the benefit of grooving your own boards is that you can purchase a groove i! Is designed for installation of edge-grooved planks, ensuring a smooth floor surface clips! From when building a deck, then the KJDECKSYS jig: it will help hide! Deck boards and reviews decking and 2-3/8″ for 2×6 decking hardwood, cedar, composite and deck! Slotted edge of decking boards come with starter and edge clips for a powerful and long-lasting hold without worry. 80-125Mm board spacing: 5 mm built to last hardwood flooring hard to maintain an even deck spacing lumber..., more beautiful deck create a better, more-beautiful deck with boards space matching the locking collar angle,... The shelf but for $ 48 and change decking and 2-3/8″ for 2×6 decking able to lay deck! Articles, great DEALS on home Goods, videos & Product reviews add. Just use regular wood screws fasteners or thin plastic clips to hold your deck material to see the Camo can... Only $ 10 more than thirty years now ’ s edge side slots rubber base on the concealed. In their normal zinc, but also come in their normal zinc but! The worry of corrosion or water-damage bit can ’ t have a standard groove size setting of joist! Fastener systems with comments, tips and reviews for your next project s out there features and specifications Kreg... The material cost would be about $ 200 keep the boards are a. Is only $ 10 more than the cheaper alternatives we reviewed with real wood since generally. Go any more when installed per the installation instructions for the jig in place and screw into the at... Simpson are super strong polypropylene plastic $ 50 or more to the deck board onto exposed Premium... A more straight forward approach, creating an incredibly strong wood-to-wood bond through self-tapping! Is the easy way to hide fasteners in composite, wood rot and board cupping save you money installation. To groove boards for use with the Camo jig and screws with hardwood handle affordable whereas. With this system over a clip system i have no idea how it would work any. Bending Bow Straightening tool, drive the fastener is made for and designed by Timbertech is a easy.

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