There is another method of using COUNTIF not blank, which counts all selected cells but not blank, by directly editing the cell. See the different formulas in cells C2, D2, and E2 that number the non-empty cells in the range B2:B11. – hazrpg Aug 5 '15 at 11:24 An empty string of length 0 is not necessarily the same as a blank cell. Count with multiple criteria – COUNTIF in Google Sheets. I used the counting function count, the Count and the Count for that. Count if not blank on Google Sheets first, see this example. Step-by-step instructions to count cells that have anything in them. In case the standard count is not enough and you need to count only specific values based on some conditions, there is another special function for that – COUNTIFS. The COUNTIF Function counts cells that meet certain criteria. The result is 26; it means that specific which you have selected is having the 26 rows which are not empty and contains some value which can be number, text, or any value. For this, go to the edit mode of any cell and press equal “=” sign which will enable all the inbuilt functions of excel. You may get hung up by cells that just have spaces. Exclude blank cells in a countif formula 1 Recommended Answer 7 Replies 0 Upvotes I am trying to work out the % of tickets which are with a certain SLA (service level agreement, however the formula is counting all the tickets, regardless of whether they have a number against them or not, meaning that the figure is skewed. All its arguments, the usage, and examples are covered in another special blog post. From there I have a few sheets that manipulate the input data, then a summary sheet that shows a table of: classes (rows), dates (columns), and attendance to each class on specific dates. Note in essence COUNTIF( A2 ; ">''" ) is equivalent to COUNTIF( A2 ; ">" ) which IMHO means you like to count if A2 is larger than the empty string (or string length zero). Count Cells That Do Not Contain a Specific Text. has nothing). =COUNTIF(C2:C10, “<>Pass”) The symbol “<>” in Excel/Google Sheets is equivalent to “not … The image below speaks a lot about counting if not blank on Google Sheets. For example, if I have the dataset as shown below and I want to count all the cells where the name is not Mark, I can easily do this with the COUNTIF … COUNTIF Not Blank in Excel – Example #2. In my tests, COUNTA does not count blank cells (i.e. The larger ( > ) operation in this function however does not compare string lengths, it compares according to sort order. Google Sheets: Example: Cell B1 will format as Yellow Background If the following conditions: A1 is not blank B1 is blank An Excelchat Expert solved this problem in 17 mins! You can modify the COUNTIF function slightly to give you the count of cells that do not contain a specific text. Post your question to get a personalized solution In the example below, we want to count how many students have exam scores not equal to “Pass”. : Step 4 – Press enter; you will find the number of cells which are not blank in a particular range. Step 3 – Enter the same formula in the cell to find the numbers by using the Countif, not blank excel formula. You will be required to enter two fields: range and criteria. So you are incorrect in saying so. Each cell in the table contains a formula which either returns the attendance count or an empty string.

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