The DXDIVER hookah diving system is the one-stop quick fix for smooth diving which has the exclusive long-lasting SEAC Float with PVC cover and bladder. As an added safety feature, it contains enough pressurized air to give the diver a couple of minutes of air if the compressor runs out of air or there's engine failure. Ending 11 Jan at 20:19 EST 2d 16h. Hookah & Surface Air Systems Cost Less at Divers Supply. With this kit the two former divers can engage a third diver in their diving sport. The technology in Hookah diving has come a long way from steel helmets and cumbersome dive suits. Whether you have a job to do or a quick don in the water is required, plug in and dive in with our electric series compressor systems… This system is for experienced scuba certified divers. It makes a BCD Inflator Hose Setup, planted or stationed in a diver’s breathing tube. If this interests you, you may also find our review on windsurfing harnesses interesting! The weight of this hookah diving system is 55lbs which is nearly 24.94 kilograms. So even a newbie who wants to experience scuba, underwater travelling can come to know the working techniques of this system. The air gets compressed after it is purified and segregated by the filter and separator present in this system. Note that when purchasing a hookah diving system, you must present proof of your scuba … The air reserve tank cools hot air as it enters the tank. Whether you are … Divers wear a harness, which is the attachment point for the down-line and optional weight belts. Only 2 left. It's always easy to shop for Hookah & Surface Air Systems at Divers Supply. A traditional scuba regulator will not work. Divers should go through its features and specifications and if suited, can definitely give it a try. Hookah Diving, better known as Snuba Diving or Scuba Diving is for skilled snorkelers. It's a serious health and safety issue and can happen with hookah diving. The compressor of this product uses a minimum profile case, input staff, and a floating tube as the most extravagant system. There is a tank attached that is supported by a powerful and flexible belt. ... Brownie's Third Lung Hookah Compressor Standard Rebuild Kit ,Scuba Diving … Harness – The harness is worn on the diver's back and keeps the air hose out of your way. Instead, it has long tubes which makes it easy for a diver to breathe underwater. This is the most common type. All the handles, straps are reliable and flexible. Electric hookah rigs are very popular among eco-tourists in the Caribbean and the South Pacific islands. A hookah diving system, also known as surfaced supplied air, is a great way to move up to traditional scuba diving after you've mastered snorkeling. Wolf Air Dive Compressors for Scuba and Hookah Diving, confined space breathing air - petrol dive compressor, diesel dive compressor, Australian owned and custom built. Show 50 … Brownie's Electric series systems are ideal when electric service is available. $2,995.00. The weight of the dive system is nearly 5 kilograms or 18.6 pounds. Three divers can enjoy a scuba dive around 40 feet underwater whereas two divers can dive up to 75-85 feet underwater. This diving kit has a purge valve that helps in controlling the fuel vapor and emission of carbon monoxide that is released. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Scuba diving is a fantastic sport and everybody should try it at least once. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This gives an even flow of air. This hookah dive system cannot fill scuba tanks. Exclusively distributed in Australia by AC Diving, the Nardi range of Diving Hookahs utilise Nardi's renowned oilless compressor units, used throughout the world in medical and dental applications and with a well deserved reputation for quality, reliability and quiet operation. Safe easy to set up and user friendly this 12 volt hookah system is perfect for all your underwater jobs … It's your life! Receive 110% of the difference if someone beats our price, FREE Shipping on orders of $49.00 or more. Some boats have outlets for hookah down lines. The compressor can be floating or fixed and gas or electric. Under $340.00 - apply Price filter. + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Gas systems do require more maintenance than electric versions. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows a single diver to dive up to 10 feet for 60-90 minutes or more. A dynamic system uses an air compressor to deliver air at the correct pressure. Brownie’s F285BE is a highly cost-effective gas providing hookah diving system is a stylish and extraordinary diving system that the divers can prefer for their scuba sport. It comprises of a battery or Gas-powered Air Compressor (GAC) for providing air/oxygen through a down line while the diver is underwater. Over $660.00 - apply Price filter. Breathing through a third lung is still like breathing the compressed air which is quite dicey or risky in case you are not a pro scuba learner. The air filtration process reduces excessive noise and filters air impurities. Two Diver Float Unit The 2300-F Floating Dive Unit is a battery powered electric snorkel that allows 1 or 2 divers to “float” a fresh air-supply along the surface of the water while they enjoy a safe and … Ok, for those of you who have been just chomping at the bit to own an affordable dive system for your … There can be a chance of facing a jaw heaviness if a diver engages in this sport for a longer duration. Shipping weight of this product is 115lbs which is nearly 52.16 kilograms. They are very well made and provide years of reliable service. It mixes the ease and freedom of snorkeling with the underwater breathing capabilities of scuba. Note that when purchasing a hookah diving system, you must present proof of your scuba certification. The battery and pump unit floats on the surface and supplies the air down the same type of hookah … This machine can be operated manually, so the whole mechanism is basically upon the person who operates it. It fits in the diver's mouth and regulates the amount of air received when he/she inhales. For this, a buyer can also contact the specific seller for delivering extra equipment known as Add-A-Diver Kit that is sold separately. I dive 16-20 on a hookah regularly and we have a honda 6hp motor with an abac compressor the working pressure of our system is 12bar the flow is 30cuf per min the pressure relief the hookah you were diving off is set to 8.5 bar dumping to atmosphere while all divers are down via the pressure relief valve on the hookah… With a hookah diving system, you get to explore with minimal interference in your range of motion. This product contains 1 electric pump, 1 hose of 50 inches, and 1 respirator. This product is extensively used in Kayak diving, Hookah diving, Long Hose Gauge scuba diving, Commercial Boat Cleaning, and many more works. It's usually in a bright color like yellow or orange so that it's visible above and below the surface. The tow belts for the divers have no fitting measurement. Air Compressor – Hookah divers don't use air tanks on their backs like scuba divers. With respect … $1,975.00. With an extra kit, it can support three divers up to 40 feet underwater. © 2020 What is 180.... All Rights Reserved. The Briggs and Stratton 550 series engine is a bit noisy. Diving System Deluxe Variable Speed Floating Hookah, 2 diver package. Brownie's F390X Hookah System Third Lung Explorer 3-Divers, Air Line R360XL Compressor for Hookah Scuba Diving, Brownie's F285BE Third Lung Economy Hookah System Set for Two Divers, Air Line Add-A-Diver Hookah Expansion Package, 100 ft, Air Line Add-A-Diver Hookah Expansion Package, 60 ft, Brownie's Add-A-Diver Deluxe Kit Floating, No straying away since you're tethered to the hookah system, Multiple divers can use one hookah system, Stay underwater longer and dive deeper than snorkeling, Floating platform on the surface alerts other boaters to your whereabouts underwater, Enjoy deeper dives without the cumbersome scuba gear, Get up close to sea life and coral formations for, Stay underwater till you catch your lobster bag limit, Provide inspection and maintenance on boats and docks, Weight belt and weights (included with most hookah diving kits). The reason is simple: all the safety precautions that apply to scuba diving also apply to hookah diving. It can work for three and a half hours approximately and is usually suitable underneath 40 feet of water. We've used them for years. The former one has an air compressor for providing air/oxygen at legitimate pressure (pressure delivered by a holding receptacle) and the latter one has a volumetric curve or cylinder (scuba tank) of compressed gas for providing air/oxygen to the diver who is underwater. Instead, the air-supply is centrally located and centrally distributed to each diver using the hookah device. By wearing sufficient weight load, it will outweigh the body’s natural tendency to float. For this, the product gives you a Multidirectional Regulator Swivel Fitting to prevent this jaw fatigue or heaviness. The power of the engine can back up 2 divers for around 80-85 feet under water. The kit stores away in a small locker, and is ready for use as soon as you want to dive… It utilises a low pressure air compressor to pump air steadily through long tube or hoses. For many, the name "hookah" conjures a tall, multi-hosed tobacco pipe out of the Arabian Nights. Its dimensions are: 17″L x 24″W x 16″H. Nemo is a tankless diving system, perfect for shallow-water diving. It can work efficiently for more than 3 hours straight without any disturbance. Whilst traveling on a yacht, its so much easier. You can't just plug your favorite scuba regulator into a hookah air line. Hookah Accessories Commercial Diving System. A diver is not required to dive into water with tanks for breathing support. It has a holding tank that provides constant pressure. It allows the fisherman to either stay or make a move. Brownie's Third Lung Hookah Add-A-Diver Kit ADKX-20, Hookah Diving… So, when the temperature of the machine rises above the optimum level, it helps in controlling the temperature. This gives a new fresh design and outlook of the hookah system. The motor of this system has one overheat protection device. That's probably the reason people are now referring to surface supplied air diving as snuba or snuba diving. Hookah diving, also known as snuba diving, is ideal for someone who wants to explore underwater without the cumbersome gear of traditional scuba diving. This D-ring is attached in the tank of the diving system for problem-free towing or pulling. $340.00 to $660.00 - apply Price filter. Hookamax 12v DC battery powered hookah dive system can support up to two divers at depths of 30ft. © 2020 Holiday Diver, Inc. All rights reserved. Hookah Systems Hookah Systems, or "surface supplied" systems, provide air to the diver through a single hose or "airline" fitted directly to the mask. A static system uses a cylinder of compressed gas (often a scuba tank) as the air source. This diving system is lightweight which aids in easy-transportation, easy-operation. Free shipping. This package has the inclusion of 1 compressor or Engine Assembly, 1 Polypropylene case, US Navy heat hose (tube) of 5 feet, 1 Agricultural-Grade Inner tube, a 1000 Denier U/V Stabilized Cordura Float Cover, 1 Hose Splitter 360 feet fully whirled Individual Dive Hoses, 5 Stainless Steel Particle Filters which is washable, 3 Tow Belts for divers, 3 Weight Belts that is adjustable, Second Stage Regulators, 1 Air Intake Staff and Filter, 1 Diver Down Flag and 1 Owners Manual (Honda and Air Line/ Thomas) Handling. The product has a minimal weightage which makes it transport-friendly, operation-friendly, strong, highly assuring, and safe for diving purposes. If you want to enjoy the dive with unique and fresh design diving systems, you can try the all new AirLine R360XL hookah diving system. Whether you're searching for sea life, watching for wrecks or photographing coral formations, hookah diving offers freedom and ease into the underwater world. The primary component of the hookah … HPDAVV 12V 550W Air Compressor for Snorkeling Hookah Diving Compressor … The product does not come with 3 or 4 divers packages. Hookah diving is usually done in less than 40 feet of water. Hookah diving, or "snuba diving" consists of a battery or gas-powered air compressor that delivers air, through a long hose called a down-line, to the diver under the water. Other boats might prefer the rechargeable 12 volt battery hookah dive system, Powersnorkel. Truly Affordable Hookah Dive System Anyone Can Afford (How To Instructions) October 2020. A hookah diving system, also known as surfaced supplied air, is a great way to move up to traditional scuba diving after you've mastered snorkeling. HOOKAH DIVE SYSTEM … It has a reliable 4.0 HP Honda engine attached in this product. New Hookah dive system 12v. Air Hose – The air hose, attached to the air compressor, is made out of food-grade vinyl, nylon webbing and PVC that's oil, gas and UV-resistant. A fixed compressor is placed on a dock or on a boat while in use. Some of its package details include discharge rate that is almost 136L/minute, Inlet diameter which is 1/4″, its voltage is around 12V DC, the power ranges around 160W, oil-free system, two cylinders, two-stage filtration process. Decompression sickness (DCS), commonly called "the bends," happens when a diver comes to the surface too quickly. Date of manufacture 2020 ** As with all dive … It comprises of a battery or Gas-powered Air Compressor (GAC) for providing air/oxygen through a down line while the diver … Thus, it is quite travel-friendly. The other important specifications include the Mfr Part Number: R360XL, ASIN- B000T8705Q and UNSPSC Code- 49000000. This F285BE hookah diving system also consists of an easy cleaning in-line particle filter and QRS fitting, a motor of about 4.5 HP stroke, motor compressor – single head Direct Drive oil-less, Filter kit, O-ring kit, Owner’s Manual, intake staff w/dry top, dive flag, float tube, 60 feet down the line with QRS fittings, QRS Y-Divider, 20ft diver hoses with QRS fittings and Brownie’s economy mesh gear bag. Regulator – The hookah regulator is how the diver gets air. One has to be a certified scuba diver before trying this system for diving purposes. The central air chamber has a definite flotation function. This Brownie’s F285BE hookah dive system has some amazing features and top-class quality in spite of being so economical or cost-effective. Brownie's Third Lung is a popular brand and is the one most often seen in use. The receptacle or tank has a tank valve that is insured by float holder/handle with a tube passing through a D-ring. Affordable factory direct hookah diving units that ship all over the world. We source as much of our … The long hoses instead work fine. PowerDive´s range of diving systems are ideal for safe, fun, family diving… Overheating of this machine can degrade the life of the motor. Hookah Dive Give our award winning customer service team a call today (269) 273-4230 1 bid. If you want to enjoy scuba diving without any scuba gear, then you can try the all new AirLine R360XL hookah diving system. Floating means that the air source is on a floating platform that the diver pulls along with them. Though the personal gear requirements of hookah diving are minimal, when you purchase a hookah system, you are required to have a scuba certification. They can be recharged on the boat, are quiet, easy to start and less prone to corrosion. Kink, collapse and abrasion-resistant, the air hose floats so that it doesn't entangle divers or underwater obstacles. Not only for diving, but it can also be used for pool cleaning or boat cleaning which is a good point to consider before buying this diving system. The manufacturer DXDIVER, SEAC have kept in mind about the comfort and ease of the divers so that they can enjoy their diving sport without any hassle. The dimensions (L×W×H) of this product is 320×125×145 mm or 12.6×4.9×5.7 inches. With so many pro-quality features and negligible negative points (cons) of this product, buyers can give it a shot in purchasing this product. It is cheaper in price but has A-class quality features to give its buyers. $309.00. This product weighs about 44 pounds and has a year warranty with terms and conditions applied.

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