Very usefull and save you ton of $$$ to buy an par-focal lens :P: Jun 20, 2019 at 08:15 PM New Sigma 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM Lens Released. Did you try it without the adapter to see if it’s related. Now, I get the shivers from the very thought of digital zoom, but this appears to be something else. This is another reason why I stick with Sony bodies, Clear Image Zoom turn ur non par-focal lens into par-focal lens in video mode. Thanks again for coming by! Once you get to know the somewhat strange menu order it’s easy. Since the camera is higher resolution than 4K, there’s almost no loss when selecting a smaller area of the sensor to fill the 4K frame. I’m hearing other issues with IS on the FS5. Sony “Clear Image Zoom” Gets 2X Zoom With No Image Quality Loss. Bringing New Life To My ARRI 650 With LED ReLamp From VisionSmith. We tested this claim by shooting one 20.7 MP image … this looks much better though and i’ll be checking it out! Amazon. Precision Digital Zoom, is a software zoom (about the same as when zooming images in PC). Sony "Clear Image Zoom" Gets 2X Zoom With No Image Quality Loss. Seems like a half baked update. Finally, there is the Clear Image Zoom, which Sony claims will let you zoom in on the scene and still get a 20MP image. I used it every time when I shoot conference/meetup gigs. Clear Image Zoom Sony verwendet diesen Begriff bei einigen Camcordern für eine Kombination aus optischem Zoom und digitalem Zoom. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Use ANY wheel on your A7s to zoom in or out. I like the stills color mode in CINE but thats just me. I shoot with a GH4 and would appreciate your thoughts on renting the Sony A7S ll for a project. I just found this nice option of "clearImage Zoom" when I am using video. Clear Image Zoom is not available while recording movies . The feature rich bargain priced 7″ VS-5 monitor delivers a lot for the price and the accessories are also impressive including a […]. October 9, 2020; news; 0 Comments; If you want to use your MFT lenses on a Sony Full Frame camera you can get this Fotodiox Micro 4/3 to Sony E-mount Adapter on BHphoto. I recommend using one of the custom settings options on the camera. Please help support my site by using the links on this page or bookmark these from my favorite retailers, B&H, Adorama, Zacuto, & Think Tank Photo Using the links cost you nothing extra, but it helps offset the cost of running my blog. Contrairement au zoom numérique, le Clear Image Zoom est beaucoup plus subtil grâce à l’intelligence artificielle La technologie super 35 : une autre possibilité de zoomer chez Sony Sony offre une dernière technologie de zoom en vous laissant la possibilité de transformer votre capteur plein format en capteur APS-C . For some strange reason, the ClearImage is rendered as ugly as full 4x digital zoom, and is not usable unless your focus magnification function becomes disabled somehow. Re: A7III - Clear Image Zoom Vs Digital Zoom I think one of the best tests I've seen on the A7iii re HD FF/Crop 4K FF/Crop etc has been this clip from Sony a7iii clear image zoom test and crop mode test in 1080p vs 4k - YouTube The only issue I see with CIZ is the noise also gets bigger as you use it, but if you have a low noise setting then you get great results. I have the VisionSmith Arri 650 ReLamp in for review and while this isn’t the […], Here it is! Please watch the video review for all the details. I was talking to some very helpful Sony staff about the new Sony FS5 last week and part of our conversation gave me a distinct feeling of Deja Vu. It allows you to enlarge the image with close to the original image quality when shooting still images. So slap a 100mm on and make it 200mm. The camera first zooms optically to the maximum optical magnification, then uses Clear Image Zoom technology to enlarge the image an additional 2x, producing sharp, clear images despite the increased zoom ratio. It is a function designed for stills but now extended to video which provides a 2x zoom. The camera first zooms optically to the maximum optical magnification, then employs Clear Image Zoom technology to further enlarge the image to additional 2x, producing sharp, clear images despite the increased zoom ratio. I’ll be testing more, but for now it looks like re-attaching the adapter has solved the problems . Yes you can. Here is how it works: I wish I could slow it down for nice slow pushes but you can’t. It works really well […], At NAB 2016 I saw these LED relamp products by VisionSmith and was blown away! The best image, naturally, was the native 48 mm. The new cameras like the a7r II and FS5 also have it. I compared four images at high magnification in Photoshop (high enough to begin to see the pixellation of edges in the native 24 mm image), all at the same image size: 24 mm native, 24 mm upsampled by a factor of 2 in PS, 24 mm with CIZ at a factor of 2, and 48 mm native. Also, Clear Image Zoom operates in combination with Smart zoom. What’s on the roadmap for 2021: New Sony A9x camera, new RX, new A7IV, 35mm f/1.4 GM and 16mm f/1.8 GM; Sony Digital Camera WW111327 Registration Found. Was Klarbild-Zoom bzw. They work great and cost only $19. Clear Image Zoom was developed for stills and later added to the video function. Clear Image Zoom was developed for stills and later added to the video function. page 6 – Select ZOOM. Apple iMac Pro sale. Interested in buying a new camera? My camera have clear zoom. Clear Image Zoom is available on the HXR-MC2500, HXR-NX100, HXR-NX3, PXW-X70, PXW-Z150 and PXW-FS5. I just got a new a7R II and tried out the Clear Image Zoom feature. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Evtl. I know it’s a digital zoom in but it’s not pixelizing or creating strange edges. It’s a really good feature that delivers a payoff for having higher sensor resolution than necessary for video. Are there any ideas what settings might be conflicting? Lumix 12-35 G X Vario F2.8 OIS Lens Review, Converting The Zeiss CP.2 85mm to EF Mount From PL. I can’t seem to enable this feature in video mode (or Digital Zoom for that matter) on the A7S since I’ve upgraded to FW 3.10. I don’t see myself using the actual zoom effect really but maybe it can be slowed down a little in post. I don’t know when Sony added this in video mode but the original a7s II also has the option in video mode. MENU → ( Camera Settings2 ) → [Zoom Setting] → [On:ClearImage Zoom] or [On:Digital Zoom] . It’s not a steep learning curve. Sort of. Clear Image Zoom doubles optical zoom for closer photos. The new Sony A7S compact system camera offers an incredible ISO range of ISO 50-409,600, 15-stops of dynamic range when shooting RAW, and 12.2 megapixels on a 35mm full-frame sensor. Yesterday I upgraded my Metabones EF adapter to v0.5 and now for some reason I can no longer use CIZ, it gives a “This function is currently disabled” message. This is what Sony says about Clear Image Zoom. This is extremely disappointing and quite puzzling, since Sony engineers presumably know the characteristics of their imaging chain better than anyone else, and yet the generic upsampling algorithm of PS blew away Sony’s proprietary one. Is learning to shoot with the A7S ll a steep learning curve coming from the GH4 or reasonably straightforward ? Ich habe es nie ausprobiert und habe auch keine Verwendung dafür. It can be done PLUS Sony UWP-D Wireless, Quick Tip: Better Battery Choice For The Atomos Shogun And Run Time Test, The Journey to Find "The" Tokina AT-X Pro 28-70mm f/2.6-2.8. my first digital camera back in the 90s had a digital zoom. Try it out. To tun the Clear Image Zoom on. The Aputure COB 120d is very nice light with great color and output. Great for strapping batteries and power bricks to stands. a7s II and a7r II Firmware Update boost “Improved Video Quality”, Upgrade Your Sony Alpha with a Miller & Schneider A-Cup eyecup for Sony mirrorless cameras, Tether Tools StrapMoore Neoprene Straps. Literally . It probably compares machine trial and error results of different objects at normal viewing sizes to see how close the CIZ can get to optical-zoom type results and improves the neural “algorithm” this way. What is noticeable is a slight increase in perspective compression when zoomed in to 2x, which is exactly what you’d expect when increasing the focal length of a lens or cropping. Which Lenses Should I Buy For My GH4 or GH3? Developed by Sony, the built-in functionality is an alternative to Digital Zoom that uses a smart algorithm to intelligently enlarge your image to … Hi Dale. Only, I don’t know how to do that? In the case of the Clear Image option, there’s some fancy algorithm magic that does a pretty good job of mitigating that sharpness loss. Capture a wide variety of scenes with the 20x optical zoom (26.8–536.0 mm; 16:9 mode), plus 30x (4K) or 40x (HD) Clear Image Zoom and 250x digital zoom Exmor R™ CMOS sensor and BIONZ X™ image processing engine Add in 4K and XAVC video recording, a truly silent shooting mode, and AF performance in light as low as EV-4, and it's clear that the Sony A7S could be one of the most exciting cameras of 2014. The below video shows Sony’s Clear Image Zoom function in operation, with real world footage shot on a PXW-X70 in a variety of scenarios to illustrate the difference this technology makes to shooting distant objects. //

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