If it does, make sure it's online and formatted. If the hard drive does not show up in BIOS, gather as much information about your PC as you can and write it down.Such as the model and manufacturer of the drive, the manufacturer of the computer or motherboard, and the BIOS manufacturer as … It is not the cables as the disk is spinning and data is being transferred through the cable when connecting another Seagate barracuda HDD using the same cables and ports. I tried changing up between the RAID, IDE, and AHCI in the storage configurations but it … I tried the same hard drive on another computer and it also is not recognized. BIOS will not be able to detect a hard disk when the hard drive data cable is damaged or improperly connected. If the serial ATA or SATA drivers are not properly installed, hard disk is not enabled in BIOS, hard drive keeps spinning up, or the hard drive is corrupted, failing or dying, BIOS may also fail to recognize your hard disk. Windows not recognizing new m.2 NVME SSD but shows in BIOS I purchased a crucial nvme m.2 ssd for my MSI GT73 Titan - It shows in the PCIE section of the BIOS but does not show in disk management - Also does not show up in Crucial's Storage Executive Application. Having done that my PC could not 'see' my internal 2TB Hard Drive. Second, the drive size matches the size of the drive we just installed (around 1 TB), and the drive is flagged as “unallocated”, which means none of the hard drive space has been … The BIOS finds other hard drives just not this one. If it's offline, right-click the disk's name (e.g. I had nothing, they weren't just not detected, they simply weren't there. The drive spins up when the system is booting but than it doesn't spin when in Windows. Edit 2: So tried to go into bios again but got this message about raid config which seems to display the HDD. Upon entering the BIOS setup I noticed a strange problem. Hard drive doesn't show up in bios by Pcproblems11 Dec 22, 2017 12:05PM PST My computer was working fine for a few months after installing a new hard drive (even though it did freeze sometimes) Fix 3. However, when I enter the Bios with F2, the SSD is detected (as HDD0) as well as the original hard drive (as HDD01) but only the HDD appears as a bootable device in UEFI mode. I have not found any cases like … Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing UP with Yellow Exclamation - Reinstall Disk Drivers. When the external hard drive has an outdated drive driver, it won't show up in File Explorer. Applies to: Fix external hard drive not showing up and has a yellow exclamation mark in Disk Management. However, if you purchase a new drive, it should show up in the BIOS. After that I plugged the HDD back in and now it doesn't show up in BIOS or in Widows. The cloning went well, all partitions were cloned from my HDD, including Windows 10. I've now removed my 2TB drive, replaced my SSD with it's "old" Windows installation and my PC boots up as normal. That used a new motherboard, cable and power connection. When I reinsert my 2TB Hard Drive, (without turning PC off), I can feel the drive spinning, but it still doesn't show up in My PC or under Disk … If I switch to Legacy mode, the SSD pops up in the list but remains … Once Disk Management loads, scroll down to see if your disk appears in the list. First, the disk is marked as “unknown” and “Not initialized” on the left, which a brand new disk introduced to the system would be flagged as. In the "MAIN" screen of the bios setup, there are supposed to be 6 SATA ports shown.

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