We will see how it holds up as the miles pile on. I have ridden a few e-bikes since 2009, both hub and mid drive, but nothing over $2K. Your email address will not be published. I also purchased a trailer to haul my little Westie … as I say, this bike turns an errand into an adventure. or so. Indeed, step-thru bikes can be delightful because they make riding easier. I just wanted to thank you for your help in selecting this bike. I mean that in terms of frame construction, component quality, drive system power and … Not as heavy as other cargo e-bikes in part because of the Shimano drive system,…... A surprisingly light weight electric cargo bike with an abundance of rack and tie down mounting points for use with a myriad of accessories. Thanks for the updated terminology from the UK, that’s cool :). TECH SPECS Frame: Felt Fitness/Commuter, Shimano e Have fun out there and feel free to share updates as you use the VERZAe more and more :). I have absolutely no regrets, as I wanted a peddle assist bike durable enough for a large number of miles but that would still feel like riding a bike. The lowest price I’m aware of for Bosch powered electric bikes in the United States is $3,999 and that’s how much the VERZAe goes for. Thanks again for the great reviews you do Court. I found your site while looking for a small handle bar mounted pack to hold my phone, etc. Hi Blake! The quality components and frame on the Felt have been truly impressive so far! Again Thanks. REDEMPTION 50 2020: bike reviewI have something cool for you. In my view, it’s the ultimate hardtail on the market right now but it does cost a bit extra… as one might expect. The Bosch system is very smooth, gives excellent range and is outstanding going up hills. I have just got this bike and it is fantastic. As you choose an assist level, the range readout estimates how far you can get with the current charge level of the battery. The Felt NINEe is more for trail riding but could be fun for around town as well if you like that more aggressive style :). I noticed on the video there are bottle cage bosses on the seat tube, but on the Felt Web site, there are none. The Felt NINEe is the lightest weight, stiffest, highest quality electric 29er I’ve tested to date. There are a lot of little highlights for me with this bike but most of it is stuff that a normal mountain biker would expect… In a sense it’s just bringing that level of quality to an ebike platform and the price is comparable to a higher end build, though you might expect carbon fiber. I was worried about the brown colour, but it looks understated and classy and the Felt logos on the frame, saddle and finishing kit are nice too. Small point: there are no bottle cage bosses(i.e. I love my Felt Verza E (called E30 in the UK)! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I honestly don’t have many complaints with this bike, it’s using high end battery technology, a beautiful and intuitive display, a super-responsive motor, a nice suspension fork with lockout and quality hydraulic brakes with quick release on both wheels for easier tuneups and transport. blixbike.com. no space for them). We believe we have the perfect fit for any type of rider and Felt has never disappointed us. It is really fun to ride and no squeaks on mine. You can expect to get great range however, up to 65 miles in the lowest level of assist, and that’s not an exaggeration. Hey Emms! I suppose that’s why it’s called the VERZA… because it’s just so versatile. All of the motor and battery weight is low and center, the front and rear wheels offer quick release and the battery is removable so transport, maintenance and even riding in non-electric mode is a breeze. This display is awesome, it’s large, backlit, removable, swivelable (to reduce glare) and even has a remote button pad that’s mounted near the left grip. Compared with its sister bike, the SPORTe Step-Thru, it’s heavier and less stiff but also easier to approach and much more feature rich; delivering lights, fenders and a sturdy rear rack. It’s difficult to say… I have seen some bikes change slightly throughout the year (like when a company makes a minor update on a second or third batch). I bought it a couple of years ago, on sale, and I still don’t know of a bike I’d rather have. Each of these signals is computed up to 1,000 times per second to activate or de-activate the motor. My favorite readout is range because it dynamically adjusts as you arrow between four levels of assist and factors in remaining battery capacity. I’m glad to hear the Felt VERZAe is working so well for you. To cycle through menus there’s a button at the top right of the display marked with an i and this button is duplicated on the remote button pad at the left grip for easy access. The quality is impeccable and it’s so light and runs so smoothly, I often turn off the motor on flat roads. Powering the motor is a 400 watt hour Lithium-ion battery pack with premium Samsung cells. Felt Electric Bikes Felt Bicycles, a well-known biking company that has been designing and developing performance driven bikes for over 20 years. Even when fully loaded with bags, the 48/31 crankset rarely felt undergeared on any climb. I almost got the Benelli Classica because I prefer the classic European styling (my current regular bike is an Opus Lugano), but I think this will be a better choice for longer rides. Premium fat bike with efficient Bosch Centerdrive motor offering improved balance and torque in dirt, sand and snow. Capable off-road or as a rugged commuter, seat stay bosses for adding a rear rack,…... Step-thru version of the standard SPORTe available in two smaller sizes, delivering efficiency, stiffness and quality components for people who enjoy city and road style riding. In my time riding off road I tend to stay in Eco mode and then click the system off if I’m passing pedestrians (to eliminate motor noise and avoid questions or concern from them) and then when I’m climbing steep stuff I’ll arrow up to Normal mode to climb without leaving the saddle. The result is a fantastic urban bike suitable for comfortable commuting, recreation, grocery shopping, and more. To get to range (or any of these extra readouts) just press the “i” icon on the button pad or the main display. Some of the bikes we tested were almost unrideable without the charged assist function, while others made for a … Its very secure. I’m glad the Felt Verza-e has been working well for you and that the Bosch motor is strong enough and efficient enough. This bike is a bit less “upright” and more designed for trail riding but you could always add a new handlebar with more of a swept-back design (like a cruiser) and yes!

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