11-12 Lb Block - Our Price 10.00. Container delivered anywhere in the US. Adding water slowly will allow the bales to become hydrated and expand. By using coir in your garden your plants will develop stronger root systems, and become more resistant to disease and weeds. 59 SKU. brick pallet) Item# 164-206034919-AF | Model# VCCB5-222 | Added on July 7, 2016 | Sold by Home Depot a SYW Online store (0 Ratings) More. Coir is a by-product of the coconut industry, coming from the husks of coconuts after a harvest. Add it directly to soil to lighten it. Vermont Organics Reclamation Soil 11 lb Effective All-Natural Organic Coir Block New. OMRI Listed Premium Coir (11 lbs. Vehicle Info Needed. Our flexibility and understanding customer needs and demands are our core strength. Perfect for New Tree and Shrub Plantings, Mulch, Seedlings, Potting Soil, Container Gardens, Hydroponics, Hemp/Cannabis. These blocks are unwrapped and may contain broken pieces and chips that vary in size but they all average about 10 lbs each. This 10-lb. Aproximate 11 lbs. Use it as a fine textured mulch. Compare Amazon prices at 24.99 - 29.99 Each block makes 2.5 cu. Coco fiber blocks - Coir can be used in your Vegitable Gardens, Annual and Perennial Beds. It is the foundation of all Vermont Organics’ soils. The higher the CocoTek Coir percentage, the greater the nutrient and water holding capacity. Can also be used as reptile and terrarium bedding and Vermiculture. They are better for orchids because they hold more water, air and nutrients than bark chips and do not dry out as quickly. Each block expands to 2.5 CF when soaked in water. Blocks can be ordered in a washed or unwashed state. Coco husk chips contain five times more lignin than bark, so they are highly resistant to breakdown. It also helps bank water in the soil, absorbing up to 8 times its weight. Coconut coir Blocks are 11 lbs (5 kg) in weight and OMRI organic certified. Plus it holds ten brick pallet) Viagrow 11 lb. ft. For large orders, these blocks can consist of either coco fiber, chips, or a mixture to meet your requirements. Coconut Fiber or Coir is a organic material used as a substitute for sphagnum peat moss. Shop Root Farm 32-Quart Hydro Garden Coco Coir Blend in the Hydroponic System Accessories department at Lowe's.com. Can also be used as reptile and terrarium bedding and Vermiculture. Coir Mart LLC understands your success is our success. When moistened with water, an 11-lb. Enter your vehicle's info to make sure this product fits. Sinca Export (Pvt) Ltd which is one of the leading coco peat growing medium manufacturing and exporting company in Sri Lanka. Coir chip blocks are made entirely from natural coconut husks. Adds organic material cost effectively. This high quality, low sodium growing medium is an alternative to sphagnum peat moss. Coco coir makes an excellent growing medium for hydroponics, soil mixes, and container plant growing. Can also be used as reptile and terrarium bedding and Vermiculture. Our coco coir is very low in salt and dust. Block of Soiless Growing Media : Alternative Views: Hydro Crunch Coco Coir Blocks are composed of three different types of compressed coco coir. Beats Peat Eco-Friendly Coconut Coir 11lb Block Enjoy outstanding gardening results with this all-natural, pH-neutral premium coconut coir. Soak CocoTek Coir block in 9 gallons of fresh water or light nutrient solution until moist, yielding 2 cubic feet of premium CocoTek Coir. Blend 3 part of CocoTek Coir with 1 part of a growing medium (clay pebbles, soil, perlite, etc). bales for convenient storage and shipping. Soil Conditioner for All Plant Type Natural and Renewable. Quantity Our product comes compressed in an 11 lb block. We take care of the process from designing the package to manufacturing the shipment of the product to the end users. I just cut off a tiny piece from the corner, and put it into water to expand it. Coir is washed, low salts (EC), neutral pH, great quality. The blocks are dried, compressed, and need to be re-hydrated or broken apart prior to use. Product Title Pretty Comy Coir Moss Totem Pole Coir Moss Stick for ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $11.09 $ 11 . Excellent bedding for reptiles. It can be use straight or layer with perlite Rice Hulls, bark or compost (depending on the system). Odorless, pH Balanced, Free of Bacteria, Low EC, no weeds or pests * Long double-sieved coir fibers & husk provides ample air-space, retains moisture & distributes evenly We do end to end solution for our customers. ... Viagrow 11 lb. Prococo offers 3 types of premium coconut husk coir. FOR SALE - Atlanta, GA - Coco fiber blocks - Coir can be used in your Vegitable Gardens, Annual and Perennial Beds. Coir Growing Medium Coco Coir Potting Soil 11-lb Block . block) Pallets available in stock for immediate delivery within US. It's your call. 100% Natural, use as Potting Mix, Growing Medium, Hydroponics, Soil Amendment. We guarantee consistent quality on large volumes. ft. * 100% Natural & Organic Eco-Friendly potting medium. and 55 lb. Add fertilizer to make a complete soil. Nov 23, 2019 - Vermont Organics OMRI-Certified Coconut Coir is an ideal soil enhancer. Use it as a fine textured mulch. Hydrate these coir bricks for an effective and economical container mix; May be added to garden beds to loosen clay soil; Pack of 12 bricks; Derived from coconut husks, carbon-rich Eco-co® Coir is handy for layering with nitrogen-rich kitchen scraps and lawn clippings in the compost pile, and it makes a good bedding material for worm composters. Free shipping for many products! Coir yields ~ 2.5 cubic feet. ft. This high-quality coir is a joy and a pleasure to work with as it hydrates very quickly and has a uniform, consistent, and even texture (no more large and uneven pieces of husk/coir). After about 15 minutes, the outer portion of the brick will have started to soften. This high quality, low sodium growing medium is an environmentally friendly alternative to sphagnum peat moss. Add it directly to soil to lighten it. When compared to peat, (the extraction of which can easily harm fragile bog habitats) coir is a more ecologically responsible choice. I bought 11 pounds, if I need to dig 12 holes for 12 plants, would 11 pounds be enough? Hydro Crunch Coco Coir 11 lbs. Ships in 2 days The coco fiber coir growing medium is great as a potting soil on its own or to use with perlite, vermiculite and fertilizer. 09 - $31.59 $ 31 . * 11-12 Lb Block - Our Price $10.00. Be the first to review this product . The blend has no added * 11-12 Lb Block - Our Price $10.00. Coco coir fibers expand 5 to 7 times in volume when soaked in water. Diton Inc. is USA based Wholesale Supplier and Distributor of OMRI Listed Premium Coconut Coir Coco Peat Bricks, Blocks, Bulk, Pallets, Husk Chips, Coir Fiber, Coir Mix. This doesn't fit the vehicle based on the information you provided. It expanded from a small little chunk no bigger than my hand but now fills a 16 ounce cup. The coir growing medium comes compressed in 11 lb. Coconut Coir Block Soilless Grow Media (222 - 11 lbs. Compressed Brick expands to 2 to 2.4 Cu.Ft after hydration (11 pound size) New box contains : 1 x 1.4 pound or 11 pound Coconut Coir Brick; Water Holding Capacity. This coir-based soil-less growing media is great for use with felt pots to create a media-based (drain-to-waste) hydroponic garden.

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